Age Of The Covenant


The last experience I had with Romanian metal was the Symphonic/Power band MAGICA, which proved […]
By Patrick Eden
February 3, 2015
Decease - Age Of The Covenant album cover

The last experience I had with Romanian metal was the Symphonic/Power band MAGICA, which proved to be a mistake. But now I get to sink my teeth into the Romanian Thrash band DECEASE, and their second full length offering "Age Of The Covenant". I've heard their debut album, "Exhort To Obliterate" and found it, while promising, to be sorely in need of some variation and a bit of spark. It was fast, aggressive Thrash but relatively mediocre overall. So how does their sophomore effort compare? Have there been improvements? Let's have a look.

For those that haven't heard DECEASE before they reside on the heavier edge of the Thrash spectrum, elements of Death Metal feature, but not regularly. For a comparison of sound think along the lines of KREATOR or EXHORDER. The problem is the band doesn't seem to have moved much away from the blueprint laid down in their debut. "Age Of The Covenant" retains the stale repetitive riffs of the debut that have already been laid down by Thrash bands across the globe. It's not bad, but there is a very definite sense that here is a band trying to carve its own niche but failing to really stand out from the rest in any way, shape or form.

It's worth saying that the band was created as a side-project of vocalist/guitarist Radu Vulpe with a very definite emphasis on 90's Thrash. For what it's worth they do succeed in recreating this sound. The problem is, it's not the 90's anymore. Not only has Thrash adapted and changed, but Metal as a whole has. This gives the record the unfortunate tag of being a nostalgic look back that hasn't really been pulled off.

That's not to say there aren't good moments. "Human Scum" is a good track with some nice guitar flourishes but the record in general doesn't have to ability to sustain interest. The best way I can sum up my opinion of this album is by saying that the best thing about it is the artwork, which is 10/10 stuff, but it should be the music, not the artwork that captures the imagination.

I also mentioned the track, "Human Scum". Perfectly good track, yes, but it brings me to my next gripe. In an album that sounds stale and uninspired, have a look through the track listing. "Human Scum", "Global Annihilation", "Consume The Weak", "Breeders Of Malevolence". Any of those track names could have been produced before by a plethora of different bands. Obviously this has very little to do with how an album sounds, but it is a good way of pointing out how uninspired this record sounds. There's simply nothing fresh on the menu.

I wouldn't say avoid at all costs because it essentially does what it's aiming to do, it just doesn't do it in an interesting manner. Albums that look back to a different school of music are fine, but they have to be really very good to get away without having some twist on the old-school sound. DECEASE lack that, and until they spread their horizons a bit are doomed to be nothing more than a sentimental look back on a time that has passed.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Age Of The Covenant" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Hypnotic Paranoia
3. Consume The Weak
4. The Covenant
5. Breeders Of Malevolence
6. Global Annihilation
7. Human Scum
8. Cerebral Stagnation
9. Causal Nexus
10. Outro

Decease Lineup:

Radu Vulpe - Vocals/Guitars
Catalin Vulpe - Bass
George Alb - Drums

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