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Formed in 1996, DECAPITATED built a reputation over the years as one of the international […]
Decapitated - Cancer Culture album cover

Formed in 1996, DECAPITATED built a reputation over the years as one of the international leaders of their genre. Over their near 20-year career they have released seven studio albums, which are considered to be some of the most influential Death Metal releases of the 21st century. "Cancer Culture" is the band's eighth studio album, and contains ten tracks.

"From the Nothingness with Love" opens the album. It's a short blast of marching drums and evil guitar riffs. In the background, chaos swirls around. It segues to "Cancel Culture." The guitars build in complicated riffs while the vocals are harsh and angry. The drums pick up in machine gun style and the chorus is a tense and ominous affair. "Just A Cigarette" opens with a fast-moving pace and some subdued melodies. The ambient moments give the album some needed diversity and a break from the brutal punishment, and that lead guitar solo is fantastic. "No Cure" is a shorter song with a lot of intensity. The band toys with the meter which is done with expert timing, and the power in their fingertips is second to none.

"Hello Death" opens with a fast-moving staccato attack, like an assassin in the night cutting his victim's throats before they can even see him. He dips back into the shadows until the next one comes along. The clean female vocals are a bit of a surprise, but they add texture to the song. "Iconoclast" speaks with the mouth of a demon. Before you know it, his words have put you under his spell. The main riff is both inventive and seriously harrowing. Again, the clean vocals bring another element to the table which is often missing from a lot of Death Metal. "Suicidal Space Programme" begins with a slow and monstrous riff that soon picks up speed. This might be the most straightforward song on the album, and there is no nonsense here.

"Locked" is a one-minute burner. Like a gasoline lit fire, it burns quickly and torridly. "Hours as Battlegrounds" opens with tense clean guitars while the drums fire away. Dark tones abound here. Instead of going for broke, the band eases back on the gas and allows the tones to develop. Anyone can charge head-first into a fight. But the wise man lies back and waits for his opening. "Last Supper" closes the album. It opens with slow and powerful tones, which lead to an assault on the ears. Later, it breathes with the smile of a killer, who hides at first and then releases his spree on the world.

Ok. First, a confession. I have never heard of this band before. I know, I know. How can I be a "real" Metalhead and not like "real" Metal? Well, a lot of Death Metal I just don't care for. Sure, I like the brutality of it, but not the homogenous nature of it, nor the general lack of melody. Three things struck me about this album. First, is the fact that this is a seasoned band formed back in the 1990's, and they are still producing quality material. Second, is the fact that they successfully work in many other elements into their Death Metal music and are consummate musicians. Third and finally, is the fact that this much music is performed by only three members. I am impressed. Maybe it just took the right Death Metal band for me to come around?

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Cancer Culture" Track-listing:

1. From the Nothingness with Love
2. Cancer Culture
3. Just a Cigarette
4. No Cure
5. Hello Death
6. Iconoclast
7. Suicidal Space Programme
8. Locked
9. Hours as Battlegrounds
10. Last Supper

Decapitated Lineup:

Vogg - Guitars
Rasta - Vocals
James Stewart - Drums

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