Continue To Kill


They are coming from Germany and their music is more boring and useless than watching […]
By Yiannis Doukas
April 15, 2008
Debauchery - Continue To Kill album cover

They are coming from Germany and their music is more boring and useless than watching a TV program explaining you how to cook French fries. The majority of the riffs are a rip-off of Allen West's work, especially from the SIX FEET UNDER era, and include to all these some-AC/DC riffs like in Hard Rockin', that the ultra brutal voice of the singer makes it a horrible joke which is so shit that not even a five year old child would laugh to.
DEBAUCHERY have hit the bottom line of inspiration; well, worse it can't be. About 90% of the refrains you will meet here are just a four-time repeating the title, and I'm not talking about the thing that most ideas repeat each other. King Of Killing has the same riff with Metal On Metal and - really - this is embarrassing. No respect at all. Have mercy with our patience!
Although the album can give you something in the beginning, you will soon realize that these guys probably went to studio accidentally. I cannot explain it in different. You record these albums for your fun and for your friends, not for the public. The best song here is the cover of Angel Of Death because it is the most inspired song!
I will give them one point for the lady that makes a dirty dance in their video clip, one because their lyrics reminds a lot the expressionistic plethora that the last albums of MANOWAR have and one another because the cover I mentioned before is written like Slayer's Angel Of Death, which reminds me of HOBB'S ANGEL OF DEATH, a glorious and one of my favorite bands. Don't spend your money for this, unless every morning with the first coffee of the day you worship a poster of Chris Barnes on your wall.

3 / 10


"Continue To Kill" Track-listing:

It Pleases Us To Kill
Blood God Rising
Continue To Kill
Faith And Fire
Hard Rockin'
Apostle Of War
Worship The Violence
King Of Killing
Slayer's Angel Of Death
Mincing Machine
Metal On Metal
Walking Glory Roads

Debauchery Lineup:

Thomas - Vocals
Joshi - Guitars
Simon - Guitars
Marc - Bass
Oliver - Drums

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