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Admittedly, Melodic Death Metal is not a genre I typically embroil myself in, at least […]
By Daniel Fox
January 20, 2014
Deathscythe - In All Of Us album cover

Admittedly, Melodic Death Metal is not a genre I typically embroil myself in, at least not much more than the likes of ARCH ENEMY and SOILWORK since I find that, more so than most other metal genre, it is too easy for such a band to slip into a cliché sound. However Italian Metallers DEATHSCYTHE not only have one of the coolest names I have ever heard, but totally blow the word cliché out of the Metal water with their Black Metal-infused debut, "In All of Us". This piece takes more so from the likes of what I call a heavier, more technical SONIC SYNDICATE, and infuses it with frost-biting and cold Melodic Black Metal from CATAMENIA.

Opening track "1664" holds no bars and is explosive from the onset, trading off seamlessly between melodic death metal attacks and blistering, Black Metal tremolos. In fact, the track does not seem to stop changing, evolving subtly as time goes on into something increasingly grandiose, that reaches a surprising and technical sonic climax. The twin lead work on this track is not invocative of pretentious showing-off of skill, but more so a deep musical knowledge of how to employ subtle, but effective licks. Somewhat similar is the even-more-powerful "Caged", which really is a caged beast. On this track we hear the clearest examples of the versatility in Max's voice, whom is proficient in rapidly changing between powerful and grim Black Metal shrieks, to the gruff and guttural growls used in most Death Metal.

"The Triumph" successfully reaches what I believe are the fastest instances of tempo on the album, audible alone in the lightning-speed (and inhumanly accurate) double-kick artillery fire performed by Paolo, particularly in the mechanically-precise gallop sections. However, the track also booms forth with much-needed, dream-inducing sections, that can be best described as 'atmospherically enormous', as though I am looking out over an infinite horizon (or into an abyss). "Deus Ex Machina" is perhaps a more technical track than the majority of the album, at least in terms of the complexity of riffs. It also brings with it a uniquely Thrashy sound, and does not carry with it an abundance of black metal influences, making for a nice change. In fact, many parts of the song would fit perfectly in a Power Metal piece, save the brutal vocals.

While I have a feeling that the band may want to work out some kinks in their musical direction (I'm hearing 6 different 'genres' in this album), on the other hand, I respect this band for their desire to be versatile. They have clearly proven themselves to be capable of playing a wide-variety of extreme music.

8 / 10


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"In All Of Us" Track-listing:

1. 1664
2. The Pact
3. Caged
4. Ecclesia Abhorret a Sanguine
5. The History of my Suicide
6. The Triumph
7. T.H.B.
8. Deus Ex Machina
9. Angels Lament

Deathscythe Lineup:

Max Maggi - Vocals
Dario Manfredi - Guitars
Andrea Ferrari - Guitars
Elena Malpeli - Bass
Paolo Copeta - Drums

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