Deception Ignored (Reissue)


So this is what being pushed to the limit is all about? Such a groundbreaking […]
February 26, 2018
Deathrow - Deception Ignored (Reissue) album cover

So this is what being pushed to the limit is all about? Such a groundbreaking change over a course of a year time is none other than surprising, a process of assimilation that both started an ended a chain of events. With two Speed / Thrash Metal headbanging parties under their belts, the German DEATHROW were keen to continue to formulate their legacy as a Thrash Metal icon. However, the hand of fate had different plans, which one of them was the departure of one of the band's lead guitarists. As unraveled within their next reissue's booklet story, the band suffered quite a blow, nonetheless, it also resulted in a silver lining. The recruitment of the young guitar player, Uwe Osterlehner, brought in a breath of fresh air into the onslaught that has been leading DEATHROW since their debut period and gradually escalated its development to newfound heights.

Though argued as a less to be desired era of the band by both primary founders, Sven Flügge and Markus Hahn, one has to admit that DEATHROW made a giant step in their music, creativity and instrumentation. The birth of "Deception Ignored", the band's last album with Noise Records, which has been a catalyst in the termination of relations after the former was released, unveiled a push beyond standards, a turn of events that marked a high ground in the band's career. Let's be honest please, not every band turning towards progression can actually make it, certainly, by all means, it is not a trend. DEATHROW built themselves, worked their asses off in order to become this almost estranged entity within their bludgeoning Thrash Metal compatriots that still shed the blood of their fans playing a violent form of fierce Thrash.

It has been widely known that "Deception Ignored" is the band's most successful album in their entire run, right before calling it a day in the mid-90s. I got really interested to go beyond the sales sheet facts, research and pierce through the tunes. Since I was already accustomed to their moshpit frenzy mania, it took me a tad bit to get used to what my ears were listening. I found multiple thought patterns, touches of both anger some and brainy state of mind, storms within a giant storm, melodic driven but always looking out towards the loud blasting past. Sometimes I senses as if the album was a mere battleground of two forces trying to conquer grounds other than work together as one. However, the picture cleared and evidently, it was a marvelous synergy all along. "Deception Ignored" is an effort that in its special way forced its creators to go beyond their comfort zones, with songwriting, playing and singing, excluding Osterlehner of course, which already had his signature on two of the album's most constructive long players.

"Watching The World" returned me a bit backwards, as I was looking for it to be frank, of the band's old image. Nevertheless, I got hit by a wall rather fast, as I was introduced to a spine cracking riffery and arrangements that blew my mind. "The Deathwish" and "Machinery" maintained the Thrash Metal vibe yet explored further on. I found various similarities to HADES and WATCHTOWER within the proceedings, less aggressive than their old face, but quite refreshing with acute melodies, stellar soloing and over the top riff writing. "Narcotic", one of Osterlehner's compositions, was a little tough to get entangled with, but eventually it resulted as one of the band's greatest works, a song that is so diverse that it made other efforts, even the aggressive ones that are rendered as classics, as less artistic. I can also recommend on "Events In Concealment" and "Bureacrazy".

As mentioned, "Deception Ignored" finalized DEATHROW's relations with Noise Records, reasons that could be found in the band's album's storyline within the booklet. After their departure from the label, the band marched on for several years, releasing their final album in 1992 only to disband a few years later. Unquestionably their time in Noise Records produced some of the toughest, and after a fact, the cleverest, Thrash Metal relics of the golden age of Metal.


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9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Deception Ignored (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Events In Concealment
2. The Deathwish
3. Triocton
4. N.L.Y.H.
5. Watching The World
6. Narcotic
7. Machinery
8. Bureacrazy

Deathrow Lineup:

Milo Van Jaksic - Vocals / Bass
Uwe Osterlehner - Guitars
Sven Flügge - Guitars
Markus Hahn - Drums

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