A Sick Life


Wow, this has to be what it's like hearing a brand new BATHORY production, Perhaps […]
By Jorge Zamudio
October 10, 2019
Deathroll - A Sick Life album cover

Wow, this has to be what it's like hearing a brand new BATHORY production, Perhaps that's a stretch, but after hearing the first song, that was my first thought. This is very a impressive release, and I really don't think I could get more into this album, so here we go:

"A Sick Life", and I suppose DEATHROLL in general is a mixture of heavy thrash metal from the 80's, with good solos, a very good rhythm section, and sounds like a crossover with the first DESTRUCTION albums, with Quorthon's voice (thrash era). I have decided not to make a song by song description here, because as a whole,  I believe that it's worth the effort to seek this one out and experience it first hand.

As a one-man project, this one is pretty tricky. You almost think that there's at least three people contributing to making this good noise, but no, it is just one (like BATHORY). At first listen I fully expected this band came from the USA, but again, I was wrong. This guy, (wait for it.....) is from Japan! Well, after a few listens, you can actually detect that, but definitely not at on the first spin. I also really thought this may have came from several years ago, but again, I was wrong. It's a straight up 2019 release.

It's simple and cheesy at times, but far from ordinary and is a very good record. If you love old school metal, I think you'll fall in love with this one. I know Metal fans are always hoping to find something new and revolutionary, or something full of technique, full of glamour, amazing production, amazing solos, or things like that. However, bands like this make you remember where you came from. A time when life was a simple existence and you'd appreciate simple things. That is what in particularly make me feel good with this band. Sometimes less is more, and this is the perfect example of it.

8 / 10









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"A Sick Life" Track-listing:

1. Destiny of Self Destruction
2. Abuse
3. Abduction
4. The Last Days of Depression
5. The Raptor Flying Away
6. Abortion
7. Stray
8. A Distressing Sunset
9. Holy Murder
10. War
11. Left Behind

Deathroll Lineup:

Kazu - Everything

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