On Human Devolution


During the stead of the age of information nightmares are divined of secrets made known […]
By Quinten Serna
October 18, 2021
Deathcraeft - On Human Devolution album cover

During the stead of the age of information nightmares are divined of secrets made known and terrors of tangible threats brought unto due course, yet within the stead of an antiquated era evil was rooted in the madness of the intangible, and unlike digital interactions these analogue abominations survive the test of time breaking the zeitgeist and bearing their horrors throughout the ages. DEATHCRAEFT's debut, "On Human Devolution," is based on such terrors as Lovecraft's legacy.

The 8 piece opens with the track "The Ritual - Beginning" a headbanging track that sets the tone for the rest of the album right out of the gate-with the silver key to follow-the near 7 minute piece commences with atmosphere and cult chanting (an incarnation to Cthulhu) before a crescendo into a modulating refrain that moves into an intense phrase played double time to the verse. "Beginning Of The End" segues from the previous track following the motif of blast beats this time using such for the verse; the conception of the song revolves around one's discovery of the Necronomicon within either the city of R'lyeh or a place out of time and the realization of the power and knowledge which resides within that eventually leads to the onset of corruption and madness. The track "Spreading Lies" has a classic horror movie kind of introduction to it complete with eerie atmosphere, accentuated drums, and brass to match, the eldritch instrumentation continues on when the band joins in full fading partially for the verse. The final song, "Free Into The Void," resounds as a realization of the opening track however in this iteration inciting the names of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods; the voice follows the rhythm as in previous tracks creating a powerful ensemble of force and aggression that continues for the entirety of the song before fading out on an eldritch and eerie progression which never resolves.

The instrumentation and fidelity of the LP is a great many things sublime and astounding, the presentation as well only adds to the incredible soundscape as it crafts in full the imagery of cosmic horror. The guitars are powerful, crisp, and slightly saturated bleeding into one another to such volume that it becomes difficult to determine where one begins and another begins significantly lending towards the eerie factor; the bass is a deep-rooted force giving substance to the strings and bottoming out the sound as a whole and pulsing in and out the blend with the kick; the drums are full body in range with cymbals heavily focused on being more accents; and lastly, the vocals tends towards a deeper guttural delivery with small sections more devoted to melodic runs.

On Human Devotion is one of the most remarkable debuts I've seen in recent years featuring a broadening soundscape, a well of socio-political issues to parallel, and an entire mythos all of which are fit into the 48 minute run. For anyone a fan of Death or Thrash Metal, or of Lovecraftian horrors, this album is a godsend from beyond the cosmos.

10 / 10









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"On Human Devolution" Track-listing:

1. The Ritual - Beginning
2. Beginning of The End
3. Spreading Lies
4. Welcome to Oblivion
5. Survival
6. Daydreaming in The Abyss
7. Paving the Way
8. Free into The Void

Deathcraeft Lineup:

Christos Zois - Bass
Christos Doukas - Drums
Kostas Kalampokas - Guitars
Pantelis Floudas - Guitars
Nikonas Tsolakos - Vocals

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