Cult Of Death


Same band, same style, same label, different singer. DEATHCHAIN are here once again to prove […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
October 1, 2007
Deathchain - Cult Of Death album cover

Same band, same style, same label, different singer. DEATHCHAIN are here once again to prove that Finland is not famous only for its melodic and Gothic bands that can only produce melancholic tunes, but it is also famous for its brutal and aggressive Death/Thrash metallers that I am listening to right now. So get ready, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a journey through speed and brutality!

Two years ago, I had the chance to review DEATHCHAIN's incredible album Deathrash Assault, which really blew my brains on the wall! I was impatient to listen to their brand new Thrash/Death masterpiece that would feature a new singer, K.J. Khaos (DEATHBOUND, THE DUSKFALL), since Rotten left the band. The fact is that this time DEATHCHAIN seem to be closer to the Death Metal side.

Cult Of Death is a bit different from what the Finnish thrashers have been up to all these years. In their previous album, you could find some mid tempo heavy moments here and there giving you time to relax from the merciless headbanging. In their new album, the tempo is always faster than the speed of light and the vocals are ending up being a bit monotonous. Khaos is a great singer, but in my humble opinion he can't match Rotten's harsh vocals! The killer leads are also absent from this album, since in Deathrash Assault and Deadmeat Disciples the guitars were sharp like a razor! The sound is rawer than before and has lost its unique heaviness.

When I first came across this band, I thought that they could be the saviors of fast and aggressive Thrash Metal. It seems that the band itself managed to disappoint me with an album that is more on the Death Metal side, and with some blast-melody combinations touches the Black Metal scene. Not bad, but not DEATHCHAIN.

5 / 10


"Cult Of Death" Track-listing:

Hour Of The Exorcist
Pit Of The Possessed
Serpent Of The Deep
In The Crypt Of Vengeance
Necrophiliac Lust
Cult Of Death

Deathchain Lineup:

K.J. Khaos - Vocals
Bobby Undertaker - Guitar
Corpse - Guitar
Kuolio - Bass
Kassara - Drums

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