A Nocturnal Crossing


 From their Bandcamp page, "A Nocturnal Crossing" elaborates on the engagement with the mystic. Transcended […]
Deathbell - A Nocturnal Crossing album cover

 From their Bandcamp page, "A Nocturnal Crossing" elaborates on the engagement with the mystic. Transcended and written between the years 2018 and 2021 under the insightful guidance of the archer in the French Pyrenees. This piece of work reflects on grasping inner dynamics and reflects on life force patterns. Now, onto the listener to fill the canals with their own water. Alas, there are neither shortcuts nor spells for the wizard. The lover knows the Neptunian gateways." The album contains six tracks.

"The Stronghold and the Archer" opens the album. It begins with slow and easy tones from thumping bass and come clean guitar chords. There is just a bit of dissonance that crosses through. Some thick phaser comes through in the guitars, then the dreamy vocals enter. There is a tinge of sweet melodies here also. "Devoured on the Peak" opens with more easy listening tones, though they are desperate sounding with the held keyboard notes. The vocals are emotional laments as the music morphs to more poignant sounds as well.

"The Ladder" begins with more slow, clean guitar notes and what sounds like someone whistleing in the background. The guitars are thick with effects and the music drips with sadness. The sound drops to just some guitars and vocals around the half-way mark, with the steady running of water in the background. A heavier and more emotional riff comes in from there, highlighting the feelings of despair and hopelessness. "Silent She Comes" is a shorter song with solemn tones. "Your demon eyes" she sings, as lead guitar joins with keys and backing vocal tones that cut through your outer shell.

"Shifting Sands" opens with a heavier riff and faster-moving sounds. Like the title, it shifts a few times throughout. But the slow grind is becoming too repetitive here. I know it's Doom, but that doesn't mean the band can't shake things up a bit. "A Nocturnal Crossing" closes the album. Opening with some old school organ notes that are melancholy, the guitar chords are both powerful and devastating at the same time. A steady rhythm develops from there. Thick wah-wah in the guitars is almost a necessary part of the genre. The ending drags on to a succession of grey, cloudy days, without vocals. Nothing is left to be said.

In some ways, the band reminds me of the emotional power of OCEANS OF SLUMBER. They don't have the Progressive leanings, but the way the vocals are performed along with the background ambiance really tugs at the listener. Doom Metal, Doom Rock...whatever you want to classify this as really doesn't matter. It's a pensive album with a lot of feelings and will move you with its message.

7 / 10









"A Nocturnal Crossing" Track-listing:

1. The Stronghold and the Archer
2. Devoured on the Peak
3. The Ladder
4. Silent She Comes
5. Shifting Sands
6. A Nocturnal Crossing

Deathbell Lineup:

Lauren Gaynor - Vocals/Keys
Bastien Commelongue - Guitars/Keys
Frederic Bolzan - Guitars
Valentin Troï - Bass
Robin Draye - Drums

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