Mass Slavery

Death Mechanism

Over the years, I found out that Thrash Metal does not always have to be […]
August 30, 2010
Death Mechanism - Mass Slavery album cover

Over the years, I found out that Thrash Metal does not always have to be simple. Even though there is that Punk element when it comes to the speed, while not abusing Speed Metal, I still could not agree on saying that Thrash is a undemanding kind of subgenre in Metal. In our little case here of the Italian DEATH MECHANISM, there is a main idea of simplicity but in a different way than just simple riffs or other musical verses. I found out that on the band's new album, through Jolly Roger Records, "Mass Slavery", that the band attempted to bring on pandemonium. Well, in their wicked darkened Thrash mode they did, yet, not in a way that I expected from veteran players.

In general, the trio of DEATH MECHANISM did a solid job in trying to employ elements of evil with old school Thrash. Various of influences from the world of EU and US Thrash came into the equation, especially bands as SODOM, KREATOR, NECRODEATH, SLAYER, SEPULTURA and even sorts of reminders that followed me to SARCOFAGO. Parts of those bands were connected to the blackened side of Thrash, yet, DEATH MECHANISM showed only a single feature, besides the goblin like vocals of Pozza, the band's vocalist/guitarist, in the image of the last track of the album, "Slaughter In The Jet - Set", on the riff passages mostly. When you think of it, with this range of such esteemed bands and veteran players as Pozza and his drummer from BULLDOZER, Manu, the "Mass Slavery" should have enslaved me to the wrath of their black thrashy mind, well that didn't impose much on my mind.

After I checked it out, I found out that only four tracks out of the album were actually new. Other tracks in the album, from 5-14, were the exact form of the band's debut self-released album, "Human Error - Global Terror", dated back to 2006. The starting news tracks illustrated that there is something there, but the repetitive passages of riffs and rhythm of the vocals, just will not let go. Sure, it is cool to hear stuff made out of SLAYER, KREATOR or SEPULTURA, yet, when those riffs come alive again and again, without any renewal, that can bother a bit. Although, several of the riffs are quite enjoyable, in particular the SLAYER-ish ones and the sound production, alongside them, is also addictive, although it didn't make any further compliments to the solos. As for the solos, it can be derived that there were not too much efforts on writing cool ones at all, just a quick pit stop, most of the time, and that is it. The ones played on the album made the feeling as if it was a burden to compose them in the first place. All in all, It was a bit of drag that DEATH MECHANISM couldn't innovate so that they could impress a bit more than just being regular.

Beside the riffs, passages and beats, which have their way on being overly played, there is Pozza's voice. Similar to NECRODEATH and SARCOFAGO, the snarling voice of the little fiend or goblin was rather OK at best. The reason for that is because Pozza's voice is not that suitable for all of the band's songs. Again I can take "Slaughter In The Jet - Set" as an example. That tune is maybe the only one that was ultimately suited for his style of voice. Moreover, the overall music suited wonderfully as well. Other than this one, Pozza was not that compatible. That type of squeaky growl did not go well for me on the other tracks. In the bottom line, I can say that"Mass Slavery" is worth the listen, nevertheless this band could have done a whole lot better if they would have tried to develop their tunes and try to stand up to a different level.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Mass Slavery" Track-listing:
  1. Mass Slavery
  2. Extinction
  3. Hydro Pregnancy
  4. Bloody Busine$$
  5. Anthropic Collapse
  6. Necrotechnology
  7. Blood Engine
  8. Genuin - cide
  9. Contaminated Soil
  10. Unknown Pathology
  11. A Good Reason to Kill
  12. The Trail Path of Peace
  13. War Mechanism
  14. Slaughter in the Jet - Set
Death Mechanism Lineup:

Pozza - Guitar, Vocals

Simone - Bass
Manu - Drums

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