Sun Future Moon

Death Hawks

In 60's/70's the Psychedelic wave was very popular. Well, everything started with bands like THE […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
December 21, 2015
Death Hawks - Sun Future Moon album cover

In 60's/70's the Psychedelic wave was very popular. Well, everything started with bands like THE BEATLES and CREAM and in this period, was a boom with bands making this genre in this songs. You can travel with these songs when everything is possible. Incredible lyrics like Jim Morrison did in THE DOORS and PINK FLOYD with your Rock Opera and effect in this melody influenced a lot several bands especially in Progressive nation and other styles. I'm here with the Finnish band called DEATH HAWKS releasing your third album called "Sun Future Moon" by Svart Records in this year.

When you see the artwork, you can imagine the sound they make. A truly trip to the Hippie period with all elements you can imagine. Everything is possible here, if it sounds harmonic. And they got it in "Sun Future Moon".

The line-up is formed with excellent musicians that embrace in your musical curriculum several elements since Jazz, Progressive and many others you can notice in the entire album. If you imagine a Psychedelic album could be formed with many elements mixed without harmony, you DEATH HAWKS will surprise you. The atmosphere in the album is soft and calm and the synths are used to give more peace to you listener. Songs like "Ripe Fruits", "Dream Machine" "Dream Life, Waking Life", and "Wing Wah" involves you in this atmosphere brings you a peace unimaginable. With instrumental songs like "Wing Wah" and "Seaweed" and several unexpected instruments like percussion and saxophone, you will like this band like I did.

If you like to listen an album that brings good feelings with excellent line-up and excellent taste, you will support and buy the new DEATH HAWKS album. They're showing they can use influences in "old" bands, but can make a fresh, new and timeless album in "Sun Future Moon".

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Sun Future Moon" Track-listing:

1. Hey Ya Sun Ra
2. Ripe Fruits
3. Dream Machine
4. Behind Thyme
5. Seaweed
6. Dream Life, Waking Life
7. Heed the Calling
8. Wing Wah
9. Future Moon
10. Friend Of Joy

Death Hawks Lineup:

Teemu Markkula - Vocals & Guitars
Riku Pirttiniemi - Vocals & Bass
Miikka Heikkinen - Drums & Percussion
Tenho Mattila - Keyboards & Saxophone

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