Looking for Semblance

Death Comes Crawling

When it comes to Metal, I, Voidhanger records has some of the most unique stuff […]
December 20, 2018
Death Comes Crawling - Looking for Semblance album cover

When it comes to Metal, I, Voidhanger records has some of the most unique stuff out there. Loosely called Black Metal, DEATH COMES CRAWLING is really more Electronic, Dark Synthwave than anything else. But, when it comes to the label, I love hearing new things, and DEATH COMES CRAWLNG delivers on that experience for sure. Let's check it out.

"The Changing Winds of Fortune" leads off the album, with a grand keyboard section, and some mid-tempo electronic drums. The vocals are low and the echo gives it an 80's feeling. The melodies are subtle and supple, and there is a longing feeling you get from the track. "Escape" has more of that 80's quality to it, with a mysterious main riff that builds suspense while maintaining a steady presence. The vocals are cold and sterile, sung almost entirely on one note. "Looking Skywards" has multiple keyboards going at the same time, filling the air with thick layers. It has a cold and dark personality, like the darker side of PET SHOP BOYS. "Usurper or Savior" has an ominous quality to it, like the eve of the edge of a war. The harmonized vocals are a great addition to this song and it's one of my favorites for sure.

 "Something Buried Deep Inside Me" is a little bit faster. Clean guitar notes ring out with keys in the background, and subtle clean vocals, barely a whisper. The melody is almost jovial, straddling that line between light and dark. "Close Your Eyes" opens with a bouncy keyboard melody that remains throughout the song, teasing you. If you close your eyes, the melody starts to materialize in shades of deep blues and greens. The layered vocals add to this feeling as well.
"Nothing to Find" opens with stalwart clean guitar notes, and a slightly slower pace. It has a sad quality to it...something that makes your heart ache. It could be the chord progressions overall. Dis Pater really knows what he's doing here. "I Would Spread My Wings So Wide" closes the album. That drum beat is hypnotic. It reminds me a bit of TEARS FOR FEARS. The melodies are subtle but there for the taking as well.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. It took me back to my youth, but in a modern way. It's like stepping back into the 1980's as a kid, but everything is brighter, cleaner and more vivid. And there was none of the bullshit...it's all gone. Part tragedy and part triumph, the songs play in your head as you step foot into high school in September, when you're suddenly the most popular kid in your class. People smile and wave as you walk by, grinning ear to ear, but inside you are exactly the same kid as when you left school in June.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Looking for Semblance" Track-listing:

1. The Changing Winds of Fortune
2. Escape
3. Looking Skywards
4. Usurper or Savior
5. Something Buried Deep Inside Me
6. Close your Eyes
7. Nothing to Find
8. I Would Spread My Wings So Wide

Death Comes Crawling Lineup:

Dis Pater - Everything

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