Let It Stink

Death Breath

The band's name, the titles of the tracks and the whole package seems too old […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 21, 2007
Death Breath - Let It Stink album cover

The band's name, the titles of the tracks and the whole package seems too old school to me. And I just realized that the line up contains one well-known musician, Nicke Andersson, who has worked with bands like ENTOMBED, THE HELLACOPTERS and DAEMON. Something tells me that I will have to face a pretty rotten work here.
DEATH BREATH were formed in 2005 by Mr. Nicke Andersson, one of the most active musicians of the Metal scene. The band's first release was an EP (Death Breath) in 2006, which was issued through Black Lodge. The band's debut album Stinking Up The Night was released later the same year. Now, in 2007 the band releases one more EP entitled Let It Stink.
This EP contains seven brand new recorded songs. As I mentioned in the start of this review, it all seemed too underground to me, and in fact, this EP has a totally underground mentality. The production is definitely not something you expect to come across, since it will remind you of good 80's productions. The songs are not all brand new DEATH BREATH songs, but there are three covers of old classics not only from the Metal scene. The band has covered DISCHARGE's Maimed And Slaughtered (cult Punk/Hardcore/Crossover band), BATHORY's Sacrifice, as well as G.B.H.'s (legendary Punk band) Lycanthropy! All three covers sound pretty good! Whoever expects to listen to something that reflects the current situation of the Metal scene will be disappointed. DEATH BREATH is a band that seems to be forgotten in the 80's. Their sound reminds of bands like early ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and UNLEASHED (someone bring back the early Swedish Death Metal scene please), as well as the high and mighty VENOM. Forget about shiny and polished sound in this release. The only thing you will find is relentless retro Death Metal with primitive brutal vocals and Rock & Roll guitars!
Even though this EP is really good for what it is intended to be, I want to be fair with it, myself and the rest of the Metal scene. What if this EP was coming from an underground band from Mexico for example? Would I treat it in the same way I treated DEATH BREATH? Do you want to know the truth? Yes, I would! And that's why I believe that DEATH BREATH are a fucking cool band, but they don't seem to have to offer something more than a reminder of what Death Metal used to be back in the 80's.
If you miss the early days of European Death Metal and you are attracted to gore stuff like zombies you will definitely like this release. Whoever buys this EP will also have the chance to watch the video clip for the song Death Breath, which is originally featured in the Stinking Up The Night album. Think about it carefully before doing anything.

7 / 10


"Let It Stink" Track-listing:

Giving Head To The Dead
His Protoplasmic Worship
Maimed And Slaughtered (DISCHARGE Cover)
Dead But Walking
Lycanthropy (G.B.H. Cover)
Sacrifice (BATHORY Cover)
Twisted In Distaste

Death Breath Lineup:

Robert Pehrsson - Vocals, Guitar
Nicke Andersson - Drums, Guitar

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