United by Pain

Deadly Mosh

Thrash has been able to evolve and reinvent itself time and again, thanks to its […]
By V.Srikar
March 25, 2015
Deadly Mosh - United by Pain album cover

Thrash has been able to evolve and reinvent itself time and again, thanks to its dedicated fan base and new bands, even though larger section of metalheads might have dissed the new bands and sticking to the old ones. While I continue with my rant, let me introduce DEADLY MOSH from Serbia with their 2nd full length "United By Pain".

The only knowledge I have of Serbia is of the famous Tennis Players and the infamous movie "A Serbian Film". But coming to the album here, it's catchy, riffy, and most importantly infectious! The music has shades of other yesteryear bands like SKID ROW, ARTILLERY, ONSLAUGHT, etc. The fact that all the aforementioned bands are really close to my heart made this record easy on the years. Though let me mention that DEADLY MOSH is quite different from all of them, and has only shades of their style. The music balanced aggression and melody beautifully, something most other Thrash bands find it tricky or even avoid treading the path. While the vocals shift between the collective anthemic vox and the occasional and effective growling vocals, the riffs are sharp and really hit all the right notes.

"On The Fields Of Glory" brings in some sensual guitar work and lazy vocals style reminding me of Zakk's work with BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. The riffs on this song are worth listening to a zillion times! "Hatred" is much faster and aggressive song as the blast beats play a crucial role here along with the continuous synthetic guitar work and the rhythmic guar work in the latter part of the song is simply superlative as the listener is brought into war like anthemic zone, before the song ends with its original tune. The rest of the album continues to be impressive as the band expresses themselves with all the possible unique riffs they got in their bag, and most of them are actually quite impressive.

All said and done, DEADLY MOSH sadly has been criminally overlooked by the Thrash connoisseurs (may be due to the fact that it was released on Dec 22nd towards the end of last year). With their innovative riffs and good production, "United By Pain" works just fine for a Thrash fan in me.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"United by Pain" Track-listing:

1. Altar of Pain
2. Claws Of Fear
3. On The Fields Of Glory
4. Hatred
5. A 1000 Tons Of Metal
6. Self Destruction
7. The Haunted
8. United By Pain

Deadly Mosh Lineup:

Milos Priestkiller Stosic - Vocals
Aleksandar Rajko Rabadzija Milutinovic - Bass
Luka Milosevic - Guitar
Vojin Ratkovic - Session Drummer

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