Deadly Carnage

I probably am not the most suitable person to review this album as I don't […]
By Davide Giussani
May 1, 2014
Deadly Carnage - Manthe album cover

I probably am not the most suitable person to review this album as I don't really like Black Metal, but I tried to be as impartial as possible. Sadly though, I couldn't fully appreciate this work. I felt like all the guitar and bass riffs, despite being on a quality level good and rather hypnotic, are way too repetitive. I really had troubles, throughout the whole album, in understanding when a track was over and a new one started.
Also, I found the rhythm of the songs a bit too slow, even for the genre. Ok, they play Doom/Black Metal, all you want, but this would be a too slow tempo even for Blues. All the songs, this way, seem insanely longer to the listener and this is really the kind of album that, when it's over, you feel it's been 2 hours and then you realize it's only been 48 minutes.

Having never heard of these guys, and having generally found positive feedback about them on the net, I tried to listen to their past works to see if this was just a false step. But I always found their works to be fairly repetitive, running around the same concept and slow to mid tempo.

Despite all this, I'm not saying that there are not good sides here. This 7 track work still contains good quality parts, as the flute in "Dome Of The Warders", which impressed me and somehow broke the long monotony of this album, or, in general, Esgaroth's Vocals: even if I don't appreciate growl vocals that much, I found his way of exploiting it really good.

All in all, I'm not saying that this band is just not good. They do things I can only dream of, and the quality of their works, in general, can be described as medium-high. But these slow tempo songs, with depressing lyrics and that sound all pretty much the same. This is just not the music for me. When listening to Metal, in all its forms, I'm simply looking for something else.

Nonetheless, I hope DEADLY CARNAGE will one day be able to prove me wrong.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Manthe" Track-listing:

1. Drowned Hope
2. Dome Of The Warders
3. Carved In Dust
4. Beneath Forsaken Skies
5. Il Ciclo Della Forgia
6. Electric Flood
7. Manthe

Deadly Carnage Lineup:

Esgaroth - Lead Vocals
Darksouldemon - Drums
Lord Nekros - Guitar
Adres - Bass and Back Vocals

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