Hmmm, this seems pretty interesting and confusing (in a good or a bad way). A […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 28, 2007
Deadlock - Wolves album cover

Hmmm, this seems pretty interesting and confusing (in a good or a bad way). A release from Lifeforce Records, which usually (if not always) has a roster full of Metalcore bands, that features a woman that performs vocals and plays keyboards in the band. The note on the promo mention stuff like technical melodic Metal combined with extreme Metal and a dose of Gothic darkness. Who knows what will this album hides for me?

I was aware of this band but I didn't know anything about them. I had only heard this name just because there is also a Greek Rapcore band with the same name. Anyway, the band was formed in 1997 in Schwarzenfeld, Germany. Their debut album The Arrival was released in 2002 through Winter Recordings. The band then managed to sign a contract with Lifeforce to release its second album in 2005 and now their third one entitled simply Wolves.

After listening to the album for some times I have an important question. Who is Lifeforce trying to fool? Not me for sure! Forget all those bullshit about Gothic darkness and technical Death Metal. This album has done the worst a release could do to me. This band combines two of my worst genres, melodic Goth Metal and Metalcore. Imagine what can happen when you mix the two greatest trends that exist nowadays! I think that this band was looking for something that sells a lot nowadays and they found two solutions to their problem. So, why not to combine both? The production is great because we all know that you can't sell a pile of shit if you leave them look like shit. You have to present them like gold and have them look shiny enough for someone to be fooled. I think that this band is trying to show us what would happen if LACUNA COIL were going to mix with a band like UNEARTH or HEAVEN SHALL BURN. Guys, listen to me. When someone says that some bands have to produce something new and different, he definitely doesn't mean something like this.

Their riffing has already been played many times in the last few years and the drumming causes me a headache. Ok, we all know that you can play fast. Please do me a favor and avoid female melodic shit (Reminder: I like bands with female vocals, but not when the singers become models) that are trying to sell their image instead of their voice. I never expected to say something like this but... DEATH TO FALSE METAL!

3 / 10


"Wolves" Track-listing:

World Domination
We Shall All Bleed
Code Of Honor
Losers' Ballet
Dark Cell
Crown Of Creation
End Begins
As Words To Bullets
Praeludium II
To Where The Skies Are Blue

Deadlock Lineup:

Sabine Weniger - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Johannes Prem - Vocals
Sebastian Reichl - Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Gert Rymen - Guitar
Thomas Huschka - Bass
Tobias Graf - Drums

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