Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: DEADLOCK; performing Melodic Death Metal/Alternative/Groove […]
By Craig "Thrashing" Rider
August 26, 2016
Deadlock - Hybris album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: DEADLOCK; performing Melodic Death Metal/Alternative/Groove Metal...hailing from the glory of Germany, signed via Napalm Records, on their 7th new album entitled: "Hybris".

Going in with a mixture of low and high expectations...I'm acquainted with DEADLOCK; yet another unprecedented discovery I have the pleasure to review. Executing the sub-genres that are Death Metal, Alternative and the infamous Groove Metal; you can rest assure that these implementations are very well accomplished. Fusing these elements gives that Metal Head an extravagant boost of power... "Hybris" left me in a frenzy of undisputed riffery and compiling a mix of screamingly clean vocals and rough guttering growls – giving you that extra balance of originality and unique complexity, with dexterity in their music to expertly craft an album that has many differentiates...you have to have had an ingenious mind to combine these elementary forces of Metal. Already on their 7th record, the quintet are in their prime and flawlessly do justice to this requisite of exquisite proportions.

Replacing Johannes Prem said to have left the quartet due to having a baby...we have Mergi Gerlitz performing the clean section of the vocals; while it's an oddity to include it for Death Metal, keep in mind that alternative and Groove Metal are implemented, which additionally compile a unique proposition for that atmospheric edge...her cords sounds clear and stellar in the meantime. We also have John Gahlert on the more vicious tone compared to Mergi's which justifies the Death Metal fused in this here album. Instrumentally, we have Werner Riedl on drums who expertly pummels them to near destruction...adding an abundant amount of riffery featuring Ferdinand Rewicki and Sebastian Reichl combined on guitars...all members coherently put their souls into "Hybris" and make it one of the most especial releases of 2016. Everything sounds solid and enjoyable that I am compelled to say that multiple sub-genres in one band isn't a bad thing.

10 tracks with an additional 2 bonus tracks make this a worthwhile listen; not only for discovery, but also for your enjoyment. Opening with "Epitaph", "Carbonman" and "Berserk" introduce this overwhelming production that is splendid to hear as a Metalist. Having yet unheard of the previous vocalist; I can safely say that Mergi performs exceedingly well at keeping the atmosphere and instrumentality in top condition. "Blood Ghost", the titular track "Hybris", and "Wrath / Salvation" valiantly keep things more emotional and heavier than I originally imagined. The clean vocals didn't need too much time to get used to either. "Backstory Wound",  "Ein Deutsches Requiem" (which strangely had a 1 minute silence at the end) and "Vergebung" all show their groovy value while contributing the essence of an emotional backdrop but keeping a dramatic intent to their musicianship which pummels eardrums with brute force and cunning.

"Welcome Deathrow" ends the main record flawlessly...while "Uncivil Hands" and "Fight Song" enjoyably add comedic value for ultimate entertainment. Definitely worth checking out if you're craving that unprecedented discovery.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Hybris" Track-listing:

1. Epitaph
2. Carbonman
3. Berserk
4. Blood Ghost
5. Hybris
6. Wrath / Salvation
7. Backstory Wound
8. Ein Deutsches Requiem
9. Vergebung
10. Welcome Deathrow
11. Uncivil Hands (Bonus Track)
12. Fight Song (Bonus Track)

Deadlock Lineup:

Margie Gerlitz - Vocals
John Gahlert - Vocals
Werner Riedl - Drums
Ferdinand Rewicki - Guitar
Sebastian Reichl - Guitar

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