Stigma Eternal


What happens when some hyper technical deathsters gather and decide to create a Death Metal […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 3, 2007
Deadborn - Stigma Eternal album cover

What happens when some hyper technical deathsters gather and decide to create a Death Metal album that can cause a total holocaust? I think that the answer is hidden in DEADBORN's debut album Stigma Eternal. Some of the musicians in this band are already known for things they have done in the past and their skills are also visible in this release. I think that many Death Metal fans will enjoy this album!

DEADBORN is a fresh band in the Metal scene, since it is alive and kicking for only 5 years (formed in 2002). The band's line up contains two musicians (Petrovic and Foltyn), which have both played for the incredible Death Metal architects NECROPHAGIST. If you have ever listened to any of NECROPHAGIST's songs, you will have already understood the level of technique these two guys can handle.

DEADBORN released their debut EP (Decades Of Decapitation) in 2004, and it was a self-financed release. The band later managed to sign a contract with the German label Massacre Records and it is time for them to unleash their first ever full-length Death Metal assault. Their music is a mixture of US Death Metal that reminds of bands like SUFFOCATION and MALEVOLENT CREATION, and it also contains many elements from Petrovic's and Foltyn's ex band. The overall tempo is really fast and the level of technique is really incredible. Basically, this release could easily be considered to be a new NECROPHAGIST album (if the German deathsters turned their sound into a more American way).

The production is really good and offers some rawness that the music needs, as well as the clean sound that dresses the technical/virtuoso guitar work. The vocals need no comments since Petrovic is a real beast and has proved it again in the past. What else do you need from a Death Metal album? If you are searching for something that will sound so different that will change the Metal scene, better stop listening to this Metal genre. At least DEADBORN won't offer something like that. What this band offers is good and relentless technical Death Metal. Want to join them?

7 / 10


"Stigma Eternal" Track-listing:

Pain Is God
Coma Timecode
Malformed Magnificence
Progressive Paralyze
Negative Reinforcement
Back To The Blackness
Stigma Eternal
The Crack Of Doom

Deadborn Lineup:

Mario Petrovic - Vocals
Jo Morath - Guitar
Jan Maier - Bass
Slavek Foltyn - Drums

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