A Lullaby For The Devil

Dead Soul Tribe

I have to admit that I was forced to put this CD on my player […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
September 15, 2007
Dead Soul Tribe - A Lullaby For The Devil album cover

I have to admit that I was forced to put this CD on my player since the Progressive label that follows DEADSOUL TRIBE was a definitely turn off for me. Fortunately, after first tracks the American band drew my attention with the difficult to-label-music and made me regret for taking me so much time to write these lines (sorry Greg).
DEADSOUL TRIBE was formed by the singer of PSYCHOTIC WALTZ Devon Graves (aka Buddy Lackey) and released their first and homonymous album in 2002 through Insideout Records. The band evolved through the albums and followed a darker path than PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, leaving aside the boring technical showmanship for the sake of atmosphere. So, A Lullaby For The Devil is the fifth addition to the band's back catalogue that comes with some minor changes compared to The Dead Word that was released in 2005. The album is covered with a solid dark atmosphere that is built through haunting guitar riffs, some non-metal instruments and Graves' multi-personality vocals. The low tuned guitars bear an almost TOOL vibe that is perfectly fitted to the melodic parts creating a compact rhythm section. Additionally, the band chose to add some more heaviness in sound as found in the almost industrial Psychosphere, in Here Come The Pigs where the double drum pedaling dominates or in the groovy (dare to say) PANTERA-esque guitar driven Further Down. Of course, the strongest compositions are the mid-tempo ones with the enhanced atmosphere by the combination of exotic to Metal instruments (flute, cello), Graves's expressional vocals and the impressive keyboard work.
DEADSOUL TRIBE managed to produce an album that reminded me the real meaning of the term Progressive Metal; and that is constant evolution that comes through bold experimentation and hard exploration of maiden sound territories and not overuse of complicated and sophisticated melodies that are only for showing of purposes.
PS: The PINK FLOYD influences in the ballad-like song Fear is one the album's highlights that really made me add some more spins to this CD.

8 / 10


"A Lullaby For The Devil" Track-listing:

Goodbye City Life
Here Come The Pigs
Lost In You
A Stairway To Nowhere
The Gossamer Strand
Any Sign At All
Further Down
A Lullaby For The Devil

Dead Soul Tribe Lineup:

Devon Graves - Vocals/Guitars/Flute
Rolls Kerschbaumer - Guitars
Roland Ivenz - Bass Guitar
Adel Moustafa - Drums

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