The Risen

Dead Man Standing

DEAD MAN STANDING are a Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal band from Germany, who formed […]
By Bex "Hardcore" Tasker
January 20, 2014
Dead In The Manger - Transience album cover

DEAD MAN STANDING are a Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal band from Germany, who formed in 2007. They released their debut album, "The Risen", in 2013, consisting of 12 tracks of Metal fury and awesomeness. Check these guys out.

The opening track, appropriately named "Intro", kicks off with some killer riffs by Denis Hagemann, and some haunting whispered vocals by Benny Sonntag. The track to follow is also aptly named. "Pillars of Hate" has more than its fair share of growls, blended with Hagemann's relentless shreds, Christian Istel's bold bass and Julian Mey's deadly drumming. "Unbreakable" has a very funky rhythm, which all members contribute to with perfection. Track number 4 follows suit - "Dig Their Graves" is backed up by solid drumming and fronted with passionate growls and memorable riffs. "Never Again" shakes things up with some cleans by Sonntag, as well as his impressive growls. "Behind Your Mask"'s introduction consists of a hefty drum beat and solemn distortion, and enraged growls. The track's pace picks up considerably, as the growls get angrier and the instruments more hostile.

The album's title track "The Risen" consists solely of slow clean guitar and vocals, until the end when some distortion comes in, a drastic change from the previous tracks. "Authority" is in between "The Risen" and the previous tracks on the heavy scale, at least for the first 40 seconds. After that, things become rather Metal, and this trend continues for the remainder of the song. Track 9 "Final Trial" has speedy drum beats and riffs that go together very nicely, made even better by Sonntag's passionate growls. "Out of Envy" begins with a courteous wake up call for any hardcore fans who may have fallen asleep, with Sonntag growling the name of the track with vigour. The riff at the opening of "Fallen" is truly awesome, reminding me somewhat of a riff from "Tears Don't Fall" by Welsh legends BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. Sounds awesome. The song's awesome in general, too, taking a melodic turn a couple of minutes in. Finally, we enter the last track, "Spitting Venom". This little number certainly sprays poison at the listener, containing ferocious distortion, aggressive drums and bass, and Sonntag's unforgiving spite.

"The Risen" is an impressive creation by a talented group of men. DEAD MAN STANDING should be proud of the music they have made, and make more of it for us Metalheads to enjoy.

8 / 10


"The Risen" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Pillars of Hate
3. Unbreakable
4. Dig Their Graves
5. Never Again
6. Behind Your Mask
7. The Risen
8. Authority
9. Final Trial
10. Out of Envy
11. Fallen
12. Spitting Venom

Dead Man Standing Lineup:

Benny Sonntag - Vocals
Denis Hagemann - Guitar
Christian Istel - Bass
Julian Mey - Drums

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