Sons Of Lazarus

Dead Lucky

DEAD LUCKY is a Heavy Metal band that is touching the Rock N Roll of […]
By Matan "Shouter" Yaniv
May 11, 2015
Dead Lucky - Sons Of Lazarus album cover

DEAD LUCKY is a Heavy Metal band that is touching the Rock N Roll of the 70's and the 80's. The band formed in Kapstadt, South Africa, in 2011. The band described themselves as a energetic and wild Metal band. Since then toured all over the country and shared stages with bands such as BILLY TALENT and preformed in the famous Oppikoppi Festival. After all this, the band released their very first album called "Sons Of Lazarus".

The album titled song is the opening track in this album. We can already hear why they say wild, because they sound wild such as Zakk Wild. We can hear that the band is largely influenced by bands such as MOTORHEAD or DEEP PURPLE. It's a kick ass start for an album, the band is creating some amazing riffs and great rhythm in this track. The fun in the opening track getting warmer with "King Of The Underworld" and "Prowler".

However, the best track in the album is absolutely "Live Fast, Die Last". It's just a song that if you love MOTORHEAD and the 70's music it's impossible for you not to love this song. With those catchy rhythms and the exploding energy, and it's all nothing to compare to the amazing chorus. The geniuses of the song are to create a tribute to those legendary bands that influenced the band.

Still, there are some tracks that slightly disappointed me. The songs that the album starts with are absolutely the best and I have nothing negative to say about them, but after "Sin City", its feels like that some of the songs are a little bit repeating themselves and it feels tired. Its feels like the band invested a lot in the first tracks that might have been original and every time came out with a new riff and a new twist, but the other songs are much less diverse.

In the bottom line, DEAD LUCK is feeling just like a 70's band. They have the nerve, they have the wildness, they have the energy but most important - they have the attitude. It's a very talented band and they know how to do fun songs, but still the band need to invest more time in the writing of all of the songs in the album. If in the future the band will do an album in the level of the first tracks in the album, they could do one crazy album.

8 / 10


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"Sons Of Lazarus" Track-listing:

1. Sons Of Lazarus
2. King Of The Underworld
3. Prowler
4. Live Fast, Die Last
5. Our Prayer
6. Favourite Kinda' Women
7. Sin City
8. Woman Of The Night
9. The End Of The Day
10. Slow Dance With A Devil
11. A Pause For The Fallen
12. Immortals

Dead Lucky Lineup:

Kyle Lucky - Vocals
Alex Krause- Guitar
Jeandré Swanepoel - Guitar
Jean Labuschagne - Drums
Chris Thunder - Bass

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