The Feast Begins at Dawn (Reissue)

Dead Head

DEAD HEAD has decided to reissue their '91 full-length debut album "The Feast Begins at […]
By Kyle Scott
March 20, 2019
Dead Head - The Feast Begins at Dawn (Reissue) album cover

DEAD HEAD has decided to reissue their '91 full-length debut album "The Feast Begins at Dawn", a raving, savage collection of twelve tracks shaking with rage and animalistic urges to fuck and kill. Hailing from the Netherlands, DEAD HEAD enjoys a legacy alongside other top Netherlands metal acts such as CARACH ANGREN and less death-centric EPICA. "The Feast Begins at Dawn" is far from listener friendly. "Untergang Des Abendlandes" may intrigue you with its siren-like interludes of screaming guitar chords, but you'll soon pay for your curiosity the second "Saved by Science" starts up, the lyrics caustic and inspired by Johnny Got His gun.

For a metal band, DEAD HEAD are quite religious. In the sense that they are obsessed with calling out the false kinds of religion (and there are plenty) while retaining their own set of moral codes to live and die by. "Desolated by the Shining" mocks both Christianity and Satanism simultaneously. Run from bedroom killers in "In Your Room" and escape the live burial of last beats that is the thirty second "Below the Earth". DEAD HEAD has a habit of letting you beat your own skull into powder by way of headbanging due to having so much excess energy. "The Feast Begins at Dawn" is like a hammer claw to the eye and you can bet it makes a mess. The unsettling "Tribulation" is a mix of dissonant acoustics and unintelligible growls in stereo and nauseous moans of someone gripped by the worst kind of stomach flu. The demo version is even more disgusting and unnatural sounding.

I forgot the mention all the demos; there are a whopping fifteen demos on this reissue of "The Feast Begins at Dawn" featuring songs from their demo years. The songs themselves are a little rough around the edges as all early demos are (mostly just because of whatever recording equipment was used), but otherwise sound complete. "The Feast Begins at Dawn" is once again alive and free to roam and terrorize the Earth once more!

8 / 10









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"The Feast Begins at Dawn (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Untergang Des Abendlandes
2. Saved by Science
3. Desolated by the Shining
4. In Your Room
5. Below the Earth
6. Slay Your Kind
7. Rites of Kandar
8. The Tribulation
9. Pesticide
10. The Festering
11. From Belial
12. The Feast Begins at Dawn
13. The Feastering (demo)
14. In Your Room (demo)
15. The Tribulation (demo)
16. Sawn in Two (demo)
17. From Belial (demo)
18. From Belial (reprise) (demo)
19. I Tormentor (compilation)
20. Rites of Kandar (compilation)
21. Slay Your Kind (demo)
22. Desolated by the Shining (demo)
23. The Feast Begins at Dawn (demo)
24. The Wicked (demo)
25. The Road Not Taken (demo)
26. The Tribulation (demo)
27. Sawn in Two (demo)

Dead Head Lineup:

Tom van Dijk - Bass, Vocals
Hans Spijker - Drums
Ronnie Vanderwey - Guitars
Robbie Woning - Guitars

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