Depression Tank

Dead Head

After the really beautiful re-release of SACRED REICH's The American Way, the Dutch label Displeased […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
February 19, 2009
Dead Head - Depression Tank album cover

After the really beautiful re-release of SACRED REICH's The American Way, the Dutch label Displeased Records makes it second hit with the release of DEAD HEAD's new album Depression Tank. To tell you the truth, except from its weird title, there is nothing else that impressed me here...

The Dutch DEAD HEAD have been around for many years, since they are active since 1989! As it seems they had no luck trying to become known, but they seem a dedicated and hard working band. Many would have quit... Anyway, with a new frontman, Ralph De Boer, the band unleashes its brand new, fifth full-length album.

The band seems to have a lot of passion and energy, something that is imprinted on every song, but as you may know this is not enough to make a band good enough to compete the thousands of acts out there. This Thrash Metal act plays a kind of common sound that you probably have heard many times. Maybe there were only 1-2 times that I came across a riff that would amaze me, and as we all know, the better your riffs are, the better your Thrash Metal is. DEAD HEAD are really weak in this part. And the thing is that if they had a very good, pure Thrash Metal singer things would be kind of better, but I don't think we are in need of another screamer.

All in all, Depression Tank (I still haven't understood why they chose this title for the album) is not the release that would tempt me to spend my money. There are only a few quality Thrash releases that come out every year, and I guess that this album is not one of them.

5 / 10


"Depression Tank" Track-listing:

Dissolved In Purity
Green Angel
The Swing
Less Than Zero
Nero Dies

Dead Head Lineup:

Ralph De Boer - Vocals, Bass
Ronnie Van Der Way - Guitar
Robbie Woning - Guitar
Hans Spijker - Drums

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