Through Forests Of Nonentities

Dead Eyed Sleeper

The name of this band sure does attract the average metalhead, since such intellectual names […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 7, 2009
Dead Eyed Sleeper - Through Forests Of Nonentities album cover

The name of this band sure does attract the average metalhead, since such intellectual names always prepare you for something not so close to your everyday musical experiences. This quintet is surely not your typical Metal band, since their sound is kind of weird indeed, but the quality of the album... Well, that's something we will have to find out below.

Even though DEAD EYED SLEEPER is a name I hear for the first time, I found out that two of this band's members (Stephan and Corny) are also involved in the German Doom Metal act AHAB. I was expecting to listen to something similar, but DEAD EYED SLEEPER managed to surprise me.

The first notes of Of Wires And Lenses flow through the speakers and a technical Death Metal holocaust starts, but unfortunately doesn't last for long. There are some Death Metal outbreaks here and there, but DEAD EYED SLEEPER have infused some more atmospheric and progressive elements to their music, making it sound something like OPETH (in a not so pleasant way though). While listening to this album, I realized that the band hasn't put enough effort into it, since the sound is of a demo level (to say the least), and the compositions are not that solid for this genre. There were many times I was bored to death.

I guess that such kind of music needs a lot of work in order to reach a desired level and my humble opinion is that DEAD EYED SLEEPER need some extra effort to reach that level. Anyway, if you happen to come across this album, do not be discouraged from the first time you listen to it, since we are talking about complex music. Some of you may like it, but I think that more taken care of songs and a better sound would surely help the band a lot. Keep your ears open for the fucking kickass song The Sleep. If the entire album was like that...

5 / 10


"Through Forests Of Nonentities" Track-listing:

Of Wires And Lenses
Cage Of Immaturity
The Savage Plague
Eye Am Glowing Pulse
The Sleep
Enigmatic Conniption
The Dead Eyed Sleeper - Pt. 1 The Undercurrent
Outstripping The Meander

Dead Eyed Sleeper Lineup:

Sam Anetzberger - Vocals
Stephan Wandernoth - Guitar
Peter Eifflaender - Guitar
Thomas Amann - Bass
Corny Althammer - Drums, Percussion, Cello

Guest Musicians:
Salome Althammer - Violin On Metamorphine & Outstripping The Meander

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