Dead Ends

DEAD ENDS brings me back to my teenage years in such an amazing way. They […]
By Samantha Ham
January 22, 2014
Dead Ends - Petrichor album cover

DEAD ENDS brings me back to my teenage years in such an amazing way. They are definitely the kinda of band I would have probably gotten obsessed with and researched for hours on end. From the very beginning, with the title track, "The End", I was thoroughly impressed with Nicola Bergamo's vocals. No only this guy goes from screaming to soft singing, but he does it flawlessly.

I also find that I enjoyed the screaming vocals as compared to a recent review of an album I conducted. Some bands know how to do it properly making it seem like it was meant to be there. And even though musically they do stick to a particular sound and style, their songs don't all sound like cookie cutter copies. This is something I can't stand about some albums. It's like 'Are you kidding me right now?' When you have an album that just sounds like the same song repeating. Thankfully, DEAD ENDS doesn't suffer from that problem, Their songs are very obviously different, yet equally enjoyable songs.

I say pick up a copy of this album as soon as possible! I know I will be! 

8 / 10


"Petrichor" Track-listing:

1. The End
2. Break the Silence
3. Between the Lines
4. Here Comes my Pain

Dead Ends Lineup:

Nicola Bergamo - Vocals
Alex Ferrari - Drums
Fabio Lonati - Bass
Alessandro Abrami - Guitar
Davide Tomasoni - Guitar

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