Forever Is Not Eternal

Dead End

One of the first Doom/Death Metal bands to come out of The Netherlands, DEAD END, […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
April 10, 2015
Dead End - Forever Is Not Eternal album cover

One of the first Doom/Death Metal bands to come out of The Netherlands, DEAD END, has been resurrected. They have gone through some line-up changes, among other things they have recruited a new singer, but yes, they are officially back from the dead after a 22 year long hiatus. To celebrate this fact, they have now released a compilation album entitled "Forever Is Not Eternal", with songs from their demo's "Tales" and "Purity" and from their debut EP "Wartime In Eden". Some of you might be cheering right now, but I have to say that I'm pretty indifferent about this fact.

You won't realize vocalist Micha Van De Ven can actually sing until the fourth song, "Dreamers Lament", where they go soft for a while. Van De Ven sings with kind of a whispered roar, and it's only then you find out he actually has a pretty nice voice. Then again, the musicians are very solid, very good throughout the album. Especially lead guitarist Eef shows her talent with solo-like riffs in, for example, "This Heresy" and "Forever", and drummer Günther really let's himself go in songs like "Joke" and "Bleeding". However, it's a pity they can't often exhibit the fact how good they actually are.

The main thing is, you really hear the difference between their real Death Metal period and their more Doom-like songs. The Death Metal songs sound more than okay, but it's the Doom that slows everything down and makes this compilation album a little boring from time to time. For a while there, I even forgot I was listening to it. If you check out the album, and you like it, make sure you go and see them somewhere this summer, because they're going on a European reunion tour, and all in all, among the likes of THE GATHERING, ASPHYX and PENTACLE, they remain Dutch Death Metal legends.<

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Forever Is Not Eternal" Track-listing:

1. Angelthing
2. Forever
3. This Heresy
4. Dreamers Lament
5. Purity
6. Shroud
7. Revelations
8. Marked
9. Bleeding
10. Joke
11. Journey To Midian
12. Tales From The Real Life

Dead End Lineup:

Micha Van De Ven - Vocals
Alwin Roes - Bass
Jeroen - Guitar
Eef - Lead Guitar
Günther - Drums
Paul - Violin, Keyboards

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