Men Become Gods

Dead Earth Politics

DEAD EARTH POLITICS is a Heavy Metal band based out of Austin, Texas. The band […]
Dead Earth Politics - Men Become Gods album cover

DEAD EARTH POLITICS is a Heavy Metal band based out of Austin, Texas. The band released their first EP in 2006, followed by an LP release in 2010. This is their second EP release, and contains four new tracks.

The opening, raucous riff in "Casting Stones" has a definite NWOBHM feeling to it. Vocally however the Death style blends in well with the semi-clean singing in the chorus, giving the track a grittier edge. Energy abounds as the track toggles between major and minor keys. The title track, "Men Become Gods," features a more mid-tempo pace and bombast from the main riff, which is deliberate in its delivery of a dark and suspenseful sound. Again the vocals provide the fuel for a hybrid sound that transcends traditional Heavy Metal. There are some riff and meter changes here as well, keeping the song fresh and nimble.

"Ice and Fire" pushes forth some nice harmonic accents with twin guitar that add depth to the track. The chorus is full on as well, like the unison shouts of Viking warriors on a ship bound for war. "Crimson Dichotomy" closes he album, ushering in a completely different sound than on the previous three tracks. This song is slower, plodding and more dominating in the delivery of the main sound. Vocals in the chorus are anguished and temperamental, really digging down deep. Conversely, the guitar solo section backs off a bit, allowing that passage to shine without a lot of background instrumentation.

There is something very familiar about this sound, yet it remains pretty unique in terms of the compositions. This balance is what really best describes the EP. They manage quite well to embody the traditional sounds of classic Heavy Metal, but with their own more aggressive stamp.

8 / 10


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"Men Become Gods" Track-listing:

1. Casting Stones
2. Men Become Gods
3. Ice & Fire
4. Crimson Dichotomy

Dead Earth Politics Lineup:

Ven - Vocals
Tim - Smart Guitar
Aaron - Stunt Guitar
Will - Bass
Mason - Drums

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