Dead Chasm

Dead Chasm

DEAD CHASM's self titled debut starts out this mysterious FDA Records album with impending doom […]
By Allen Peters
April 25, 2022
Dead Chasm - Dead Chasm album cover

DEAD CHASM's self titled debut starts out this mysterious FDA Records album with impending doom obviously on the horizon and that's what you get in the end with their first track, "Carved Into Obscurity," recorded at ADSR DECIBEL Studio with the help of Carlo Moroni. This Italian threesome of D., L., and G., has put together a somber starting, yet dramatic piece to be proud of, their first work and a good base to expand from in the future. I am very curious to see how this band progresses and what else they may play on their upcoming European tour with MORTA SKULD. After this tease of only four songs, one being a cover, it is hard to gauge the direction in style at this point but there is a lot of potential for this new band.

Cranking number two, "Spawned In Desolation," you are suddenly hit in the face with an ominous fury of deadly drums, then it drags you through with a solid bass tone carrying you into the rhythm of the end. It really starts to pick up speed now, after getting warmed up with the slow, mysterious beginning of the album, this is where you crank it up. The deep, low growl of the third of four songs, "Left Unknown," echoes and echos until it soon slams into chaos before calming the dark atmosphere down to an even more eerie tranquility, but just after a drum breakout that sounds like it is from the depths of hell!

Still, at this point, you will not be able to tell that the evil prophet on the mic is actually an unsuspecting lady, not your worst nightmare, but this storyteller's scowling effortlessly leads the other two men around her. Lyrically holding everything together, her guitar mesh's heavily well with the others as she plays and sings simultaneously.

Finally ending this debut album is a guitar coming out of the gates screaming, with the bass grinding along beside the drums in their cover of Swedish band, NIRVANA 2002's, "Slumber". The style and tempo are completely different than the previous three songs but refreshing to hear their abilities with something a little different. This choice of songs displays the bands capability at possibly broadening its style in the future and gives a peek at its potential. There really isn't much to base a solid opinion on from this album since it only has three original songs.

All in all, my first impression tells me that DEAD CHASM definitely has a future if it chooses to pursue this dark path further. At this point, two out of the three original songs were really doing it for me. We will have to be content with that for now. With this limited catalog, only time will be able to tell their full potential, but I like what I hear!

8 / 10









"Dead Chasm" Track-listing:

1.  Carved Into Obscurity
2.  Spawned In Desolation
3.  Left Unknown
4.  Slumber

Dead Chasm Lineup:

D. - Drums
L. - Guitars/Vocals
G. - Bass

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