Daydream Flights

DAYDREAM FLIGHTS is a group spontaneously formed in 2017, "as an occasion for parties of […]
October 31, 2019
Daydream Flights - Whisper album cover

DAYDREAM FLIGHTS is a group spontaneously formed in 2017, "as an occasion for parties of mentally defective young (and not very) people. Inspired by some old depressive Soviet movies, these Russian guys began to play music saturated both with pain and euphoria." They identify as Atmospheric Black Metal. "Whisper" is the band's debut album, and contains 10 new tracks.

"Led Flowers" opens the album. The music is haunting and beautifully melodic, with piano, but the vocals are vile an enraged. This is exactly the type of juxtaposition I enjoy in the genre. The ambient instrumental passage after the half-way mark is just sublime. "Story" is about half as long. It opens with melancholy and pretty tones, almost 80's like with the melody line. The vocals cut against the melody like a hot knife through butter. "Whisper" is another beautifully constructed track. The melodies are delicate but really shine over the intense Black Metal vocals, and each tell their own story.

"Declivity" has this energetic vibe with a faster moving song. The melodies are subtle but work well against the blast beat drumming and intense vocals. "Done" brings some variegate to the table. This time, the melody is a bit darker with still with a sense of hope. The music varies in scope as well. "The Way" opens with more aggressive guitar tones and some heavy accents among the harrowing vocals. The guitars build in layers until the majestic passage just after the half-way mark. "Conviction" opens with a steady presence of guitars and galloping drums. The guitars paint a doleful picture while the vocals paint a story of desolation. "Indifference" opens with clean and somber guitar tones that are soon joined by distorted ones. Then, it picks up when the vocals come into the picture. The guitars still hold the main melodies, and the bass can be heard in the mix here.

"Leaves" has a more solemn tone. Following an intense vocal passage, the song pauses for a section, leaving you to contemplate your existence with a brief ambient passage before returning to the main sound. It ends with an instrumental section high with emotions. "Violet Mist" closes the album, opening with a soft swing, like a breeze on a warm summer day. Then, the guitars and drums come at you fast, before it settles into a nice groove. Overall, I was quite happy with the album. The band reminds of me of ASIRA a bit...those warm melodies tempered by harrowing, enraged vocals. It's an interesting and unique interpretation of the genre and the band seems to have found the right way to deliver what they call "pain and euphoria." Definitely worth your time if you are into Black Metal with some variation.

8 / 10









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"Whisper" Track-listing:

1. Led Flowers
2. Story
3. Whisper
4. Declivity
5. Done
6. The Way
7. Conviction
8. Indifference
9. Leaves
10. Violet Mist

Daydream Flights Lineup:

Sofia Tishanskaya - Bass
Oleg Goldberg - Drums
Sergey Vokuyev - Guitars
Pavel Lebedev - Guitars
Sergey Vavilin - Vocals

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