Sorrow's Eclipse

Dawn of Ouroboros

DAWN OF OUROBOROS is a Progressive Death/Post-Black Metal band based out of the San Francisco […]
August 28, 2019

DAWN OF OUROBOROS is a Progressive Death/Post-Black Metal band based out of the San Francisco bay area of California, USA. They present their debut single here, titled "Sorrow's Eclipse." It's a fascinating song, combining multi-faceted genres together into a unified piece. It starts off as straight up Black Metal, with that wall of guitars and blast beat drums, with harsh vocals raging into the sky. Suddenly, it drops to clean male vocals and ethereal guitars, before the chaos ensues once again. I really like the bass guitar here and you can hear it clearly in the mix. The lead guitars bring in a supporting melody as well. Clean female vocals wash away the vile with a key change...reminding me of OCEANS OF SLUMBER. I didn't realize that Chelsea provided the harsh vocals as well. What a versatile voice!

The transition to the Post-Black elements is seamless. They are beautiful and alluring. Then, it moves to a strong note with the full sound back in your face. The final few minutes have a brief passage full of melody and hope...before finishing you with the knock-out punch. The song truly runs you through a gamut of emotions. I haven't heard a band that does things as well as DAWN OF OUROBOROS. The moments of beauty are as important as the moments of aggression and hatred. The band clearly has talent as well....not just in songwriting, but in musicianship. I think this song will have a wide appeal to Black Metal fans and Post-Black Metal/Progressive Music fans, and fans who clearly want a little bit more emotion out of their music. This is a new breed of music, and I know that I am on the verge of witnessing something truly unique. I cannot wait to hear a full album from these newcomers!

10 / 10









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"Sorrow's Eclipse" Track-listing:

1. Sorrow's Eclipse

Dawn of Ouroboros Lineup:

Tony Thomas - Guitars
Chelsea Murphy - Vocals
David Scanlon - Bass
Ron Bertrand - Drums

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