Ancient Arts

Dawn of Existence

From their website, DAWN OF EXISTENCE's unique brand of metal manifests from members Votan and […]
Dawn of Existence - Ancient Arts album cover

From their website, DAWN OF EXISTENCE's unique brand of metal manifests from members Votan and Astor's life-long obsession of dark and heavy music. The result is an alchemical mixture of themes and moods that can and will vary greatly from track to track, while always remaining cohesive, melodic and memorable. The album has eight songs, and "Marble Garden" is the first. Out of the gates, guitar melodies flow, but the vocals are deep and guttural. Although it is a short song, the combination of the guitar harmonies and the harsh vocals bring the best of what the genre has to offer.

"Toe Up" is a bit darker, and a bit slower. That main riff is brutal, and so are the harsh vocals. I appreciate the contrasting styles so far. The lead guitar work is excellent as well and the song has a groove to it. "Satan Spacelord" has some thick dissonant tones to go along with the "zombie waltz" sound. The section that follows the second chorus has melodic keyboards, and again, the contrast just works. "Mystic Serpent" begins with some footsteps, baby laughter, and dog barks. The riff that follows is augmented with clean vocals and keyboard melodies. It's a sinister juxtaposition that is hard to describe, but tempered aggression is one of the things paramount to the genre.

"Škoda '14" is a full-on attack of guitars, vocals, bass, and drums. This song borders on Black Metal, especially when it comes to the vocals, but there are still some filthy melodies present. "The Hierophant" begins with tense tones. The riff that follows is dark and moody, and a slow, aggressive sound follows. Drums roll so fast that you can hardly keep track of them, and the vocals are so deep, the earth echoes from their reach. "Tides" is another slow grind with heavy tones and weighted accents. The vocals are guttural and earthy, and there are delicate keyboard melodies as well as the guitars.

"Meet Me at the Stake" closes the album. It's a slow and painful song in terms of the message. Meet Me at the Stake implies that you are going to your death, and you know it. Guitar harmonies further this desolate feeling. Overall, I enjoyed the album, and it wasn't your run-of-the-mill Melodic Death Metal album that a lot of bands make these days. The way they crafted the melodies was original, and the backbone of ardent Metal was present. Their sound is intriguing, and I would love to hear more from the band.

7 / 10









"Ancient Arts" Track-listing:

1. Marble Garden
2. Toe Up
3. Satan Spacelord
4. Mystic Serpent
5. Škoda '14
6. The Hierophant
7. Tides
8. Meet Me at the Stake

Dawn of Existence Lineup:

Votan - Guitars, Synths, Drums, Programming
Astor - Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Synths

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