Into the Depths of Veracity

Dawn of Demise

DAWN OF DEMISE is a Danish Death Metal band who have been crushing their way […]
By Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier
April 8, 2019
Dawn of Demise - Into the Depths of Veracity album cover

DAWN OF DEMISE is a Danish Death Metal band who have been crushing their way through the genre since forming in 2004.  Their latest bruiser is "Into The Depths Of Veracity," and it shows that even after fifteen years, nothing can slow down this juggernaut. As with previous albums, there is nothing here overly complicated or technical.  The band forgoes flash for song writing, honing in on creating a bone crushing sound built upon a strong foundation of dense double bass and riff based songs.  As far as more modern, straight up Death Metal goes, very few bands out there are as heavy as DAWN OF DEMISE.  Basically, what they lack in innovation, they make up with a laser focus on beating your senses to death.

The intro, and title track "Into The Depths of Veracity," sets the tone that stays for the whole album.  It begins with grinding and chunky riffs from Egede and Sorensen; they are quickly joined by the low gutturals of Jensen.  This song throws in a mix of thrash towards the end, complimented by Thusgaard's speedy snare attack and rapid fire riffs."Perversion in the Flesh," turns up the Brutal Death elements of their sound with an opening that wouldn't sound out of place on a DEEDS OF FLESH or DEFLESHED album.  They don't really sound like either of those bans but the spirit of the song remains just as brutal.

I actually found the later half of the album to be stronger than the first half.  "The Ravishment of Carrion," is as nasty as a zombie bite, a three and a half minute showcase for how exceedingly brutal this band can be when they fire everything out of the gate—the ending riffs are just the perfect combination of heavy and groove. "A Belated Abortion," is the best track on the album; the riffs go back and forth between dissonant and heavy chunks of meat that slide off the strings give the song a more chaotic feel than the band usually has.  The middle portion of the track is a sudden burst of aggression that almost made my ears jump off my head.

The final track, "Mark My Words," is a hell of a way to end a track.  It opens immediately with a barrage of double bass and riffs that groove as well as they hammer.  The solo near the tracks end is surprisingly emotional for a song of this type and really added a whole new dimension to the song. The album doesn't have a lot of variety and some might find their sound a bit plodding but there is something to be said for just playing balls out, no frills Death Metal.  If that is your thing (and why wouldn't it be?), you'll find this album to be yet another solid one in DAWN OF DEMISE's catalogue of bruises and broken bones.

8 / 10









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"Into the Depths of Veracity" Track-listing:

1. Into The Depths of Veracity
2. In Silence He'll Arise
3. Perversion in the Flesh
4. The Hate Will Consume
5. The Permanent Cessation
6. Collapse
7. Disgusting
8. The Exaltation
9. The Ravishment of Carrion
10. Enraged
11. A Belated Abortion
12. Mark My Words

Dawn of Demise Lineup:

Bjorn Jensen - Bass
Thomas Egede - Guitar
Bastian Thusgaard - Drums
Martin Sorensen - Guitar
Scott Jensen - Vocals

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