Baptized by Fire

David Reece

David Reece is the heavy metal singer you’ve probably heard a thousand times and sang along to but just didn’t realize you were listening to, but with his incredible musical resume (and voice) you now know.
March 31, 2024

DAVID REECE may not be a household name in the musical landscape but believe me with his pedigree in the hard rock and heavy metal community, I can guarantee you’ve heard (and loved) his voice on some of the more prominent and influential albums and bands in the last forty years. The singer and songwriter has fronted some pretty damn great bands over those years including ACCEPT, BANGALORE CHOIR, BONFIRE, IRON ALLIES and SIRCLE OF SILENCE just to name a few. DAVID REECE has also released seven solo albums beginning with “Universal Language” in 2009 and bringing us to his latest release “Baptized by Fire” (March 1, 2024) that I will be reviewing. DAVID REECE not only brings elements within heavy and melodic rock incorporating a modern composition as well as delivering a hybrid blend of stimulating and introspective lyrics. The album was produced and mastered by the bass player Riccardo Demarosi.

Like a good book or movie, a strong start is imperative to keep your audience engaged and the two opening tracks “Enemy is Me” and “We’ve Lost the Fight” accomplish just that focusing on a thunderous riff and staunch backdrop as the vocals power full force like a guided missile ready to devour its target. “Payback’s a Bitch” is sung like a man with an axe to grind as DAVID REECE comes out with guns a blazing with an aggressive and raw vocal onslaught where you can almost see the vengeance in his eyes setting the stage as the lumbering riffs pace the muscular tempo perfectly. “Twilight of the Gods” sends us down a saucier path with a turned down melodic approach as the vocals dig down deep while the guitars do the talking with beefy and savage licks. “Closer to God” is a spiritual journey of today’s wicked world of lust and greed delivered in a forceful vocal portrayal with an ominous musical backdrop preaching these insightful lyrics “Why the world is on fire, desperation, desire, are we without a spark in a demon's demon, which is amongst the fools, foul and ritual rules, take me closer to God, bring me closer to God.” Ending on a furious note, with the emphasis on furious “Acceptance of Denial” and “Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter Today” both bring a destructive thrashing of the senses as the slower more melodic tempo with glossy hooks coupled with edgy and brawny vocals that deliver a moody, unnerving façade.

“Baptized by Fire” is heavy duty crotch tourniquet of a true headbanging album that delivers on all levels full of great hooks and melodies, colossal and explosive solos, all pulled together by magical vocal mastering of DAVID REECE and one kick-ass album cover art.

Check out our Podcast interview with DAVID REECE at Creativity Talkin episode #519 on YouTube airing Saturday March 30, we talk about his career, the new album and all sorts of crazy shit.

10 / 10









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"Baptized by Fire" Track-listing:


1. Enemy is Me

2. We’ve Lost the Fight

3. Wrong Move

4. Payback’s a Bitch

5. No Rest for the Wicked

6. Twilight of the Gods

7. Season of a Man

8. Closer to God

9. Archbishop of Anarchy

10. My Heart Burns

11. Acceptance of Denial

12. Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter Today


David Reece Lineup:


David Reece – vocals

Niccolo Savinelli – guitar

Riccardo Demarosi – bass

Nello Savinelli - drums

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