First Class Violence


Thrashers, DARKNESS has risen and they have refused to get back in their grave! DARKNESS […]
By Kyle Scott
October 17, 2018
Darkness - First Class Violence album cover

Thrashers, DARKNESS has risen and they have refused to get back in their grave! DARKNESS has been a part of Germany's Thrash Scene for years. Despite an on again off again relationship, even changing their name EURE ERBEN (German for Your Heirs) at one point in 2004, DARKNESS has provided their scene with a formidable reputation on par with German "Big 5" Thrashers KREATOR. First Class Violence is DARKNESS' fifth studio album.

Our arduous journey begins with "Prelude In E", a somber, delicate acoustic and synth piece with heavy piano midway that accelerates in tempo until we arrive at the threshold of Discord with "Low Velocity Blood Spatter", a look into the mind of the average Joe that's seconds away from cracking and unleashing Hell at their nine to five. Unapologetic "Neoprimative" comes whirling in a fury of hurricane riffs and brazen lyrics; you won't get politeness out of DARKNESS, they like their rough attitude just fine, fuck you very much.

Bloody, power-surged hooks furiously swirl around each other in the ultimate headbanger "See You on the Body Farm" while "Zeutan" commands a heart stopping rhythm for their tale of a lost legend. Arnd Klink's vocals intimidate and spit fury on "The Autocrazy (autocracy) Club", and gauging from the title and lyrics, it's a pretty clear stab at Trump. "Born Dead" comes charging full speed into the room next amid thunderous drums and scathing lyrics of emotional-deadening society. Final song "I Betray" ends things on a choir reprise of Prelude E with a haunting, dreamy chorus.

DARKNESS goes all out with their anger and lyrical carnage. They bring a storm they can barely contain let alone control and one that's taken years to summon. They pay their full respects to the gods of Thrash on First Class Violence. Ferocious, vile, and all manner of twisted, this album is a classic, Thrash rage fest.


10 / 10









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"First Class Violence" Track-listing:

1. Prelude In E
2. Low Velocity Blood Spatter
3. Neoprimative
4. Hate Is My Engine
5. See You on the Bodyfarm
6. Zeutan
7. The Autocrazy (autocracy) Club
8. Born Dead
9. First Class Violence
10. I Betray

Darkness Lineup:

Andreas "Lacky" Lakaw - Drums
Arnd Klink - Guitars, Vocals
Meik Heitkamp - Guitars
Dirk Hamilton - Bass
Oliver "Lee" Weinberg - Vocals

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