Fear Yourself

Darkness By Oath

DARKNESS BY OATH? I was damn sure that this would be a Goth (or something […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 6, 2009
Darkness By Oath - Fear Yourself album cover

DARKNESS BY OATH? I was damn sure that this would be a Goth (or something relevant) band. The fact is these guys have nothing to do with whiny Gothic tunes and slow tempos. This quintet is much more aggressive than their name indicates. Too bad they didn't manage to amaze me with their music's quality...

This Spanish band is active for 7 years, and they have already managed to have one full-length album out, their debut one (Confidential World Of Lies), through Drowned Screams Productions. After signing a deal with the German label Cyclone Empire, they prepared their sophomore studio effort and it has already been unleashed around the world.

As I said earlier, they have nothing to do with melodic Goth stuff, but they do have to do with modern melodic stuff. To be more precise, the musical path these guys have chosen to follow is the melodic Death Metal one. And I can say that they are not doing really good...

They have managed to feature an ass kicking sound that adds an extra edge to the songs, strong and solid. The fact is that I listened to this album numerous times and there were only a couple of times I turned my ears towards the speakers. There are no killer leads or incredible ideas that will make DARKNESS BY OATH differ from the rest of the scene. This whole AT THE GATES meets HYPOCRISY trend has become kind of irritating...

...although I guess that these guys could do better. These few moments that attracted my attention could become much more with some hard work. I will be waiting for their next step, but until then...

5 / 10


"Fear Yourself" Track-listing:

Fear Yourself
My Own Mind
Kingdom Of Denial
Echoes Of Silence
Nothing To Say
Bleeding For My Sins
I Escape From
New Dawn
Solution In 9mm

Darkness By Oath Lineup:

Aritz Navarro - Vocals
Tristan Iniguez - Guitar
Diego Pineiro - Guitar
Gorka Otero - Bass
Asier Bilbao - Drums

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