Darke Complex

Metalcore is a new sub-genre into Metal, all of you already know that. Love it […]
By Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcis
May 11, 2015
Darke Complex - Widow album cover

Metalcore is a new sub-genre into Metal, all of you already know that. Love it or hate it, the style is here to stay and has its place guaranteed on Metal history. And because it's a very recent sub-genre of Metal, it's still being constructed and canonized. The bands can put many different personal touches on it by now, create personality. And that it being made by many on the Metal scene, as the North American quartet DARKE COMPLEX is doing on "Widow", their first release.

Making a Metalcore mixed with influences from New Metal (and not "nu", please. Let's speak English clearly, please) and some touches of Industrial music, the band achieves very good results. And for what we could hear on this album, they're in search for a new way, a way of their own. But their music is violent, abrasive, but well done in harmonic structures in melodic embodiment. Their work is constructed under very good harsh vocals (and some normal tunes here and there), riffs done with an abrasive grasp, and a heavy and technical rhythmic session. Yes, they have a strong and aggressive personality, and sometimes, with strong touches of irony.

In terms of sound quality, the producer knew how to make it harsh and aggressive, heavy and thunderous, but very clear. Yeas, you'll hear that the aggressive approach of the band is done with a clear mind and with very good musical arrangements.

Seven songs are presented on this EP, all of them with their own value. But I point to "Slime" (with their abrasive guitars and acid vocals, and some use of electronic effects and even scratches used in electronic music), the hazardous and full of Hardcore influences (but with some more melodic moments) "Invertebrate", and the chaos made music "Intrusive Thoughts" (these guys on the bass guitar and drums are not kidding!) as the best moments of the EP, but the entire CD is very good.

A very good surprise!

8 / 10


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"Widows" Track-listing:

1. Crows
2. Slime
3. Frigid
4. Invertebrate
5. Desperation
6. Grief
7. Intrusive Thoughts

Darke Complex Lineup:

Scarecrow - Vocals & Programming
Okage - Vocals & Guitars
Mothjaw - Bass
Onehead - Drums

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