In Darkness Comes Beauty

Dark The Suns

DARK THE SUNS... Another band from Finland, I thought, when their debut CD fell into […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
November 7, 2007
Dark The Suns - In Darkness Comes Beauty album cover

DARK THE SUNS... Another band from Finland, I thought, when their debut CD fell into my hands. I was ready to hear one more band that plays goth metal. And I was right. But when I listened to In Darkness Comes Beauty, I realized that this band has potential! It's been quite a long time that I listened to such a good album!
The band began as Ojala's one-man project in 2005 in Valkeakoski, and he then released the first demo Sleeping Beauty. 2006 was the year that DARK THE SUNS had grown into a real band, capable of performing live. Toni Tuomioja joined the band as a guitarist, Juha Kokkonen as a keyboardist and Markus Lehtinen sat behind the drum kit. Mikko Ojala decided to grab the bass. With this line-up, the band did only one gig, since Toni left the band for personal reasons. Mikko left the bass and become the singer and guitar player and Inka Tuomaala became the new bass player. In August 2006, DARK THE SUNS recorded their second demo In Darkness Comes Beauty. After singing with Firebox records the first full length album was recorded.
Heavy guitars mixed with beautiful piano melodies. Been there, heard that right? Surely DARK THE SUNS haven't invented the wheel again, they already know that, but they make this old concept sound this fresh and beautiful! Keyboards and massive guitars have the lead respectively, according to the song. Beautiful melodies fill the air, creating a wonderful atmosphere, with help from the voice of Mikko Ojala. The dark/gothic metal they are playing puts you in the mood the band wants the listener to be. Many new and older bands would pay to compose songs like The Sleeping Beauty, A Darkness To Drown In and Like Angels and Demons.
Not many things are left to say about In Darkness Comes Beauty. It's an album that is over my expectations, since DARK THE SUNS music is selling in our days and everyone plays that dark/gothic metal thing. But, as I wrote before, the band surprised me with their melodies and aggressiveness of their songs in that album. A must-have for someone who loves good music. The only purpose that I'm not going to put an 8/10 in that album is because I think that the second effort of DARK THE SUNS will be better!

7 / 10


"In Darkness Comes Beauty" Track-listing:

The Sleeping Beauty
Black Sun
A Darkness To Drown In
Angel Soul
Drama For Gods
Ghost Bridges
Like Angels And Demons

Dark The Suns Lineup:

Mikko Ojala - Vocals, Guitar
Juha Kokkonen - Keyboards
Markus Lehtinen - Drums
Inka Tuomaala - Bass

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