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Dark Suns

It's been three years from the DARK SUNS last album. So, it was time for […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
February 29, 2008
Dark Suns - Grave Human Genuine album cover

It's been three years from the DARK SUNS last album. So, it was time for the progressive dark metalers from Germany to release their new album Grave Human Genuine this month.

A band not so new, since they are part of the Metal scene for ten years, but their bio is not that rich. It was in 1997 when the band was formed by Tobias Gommlich and Niko Knappe. They started DARK SUNS as a side project. They spent more and more time on it as months went by and one year later, they released the Bellow Dark Illusion demo CD. Just after that demo, numerous changes were made in the lineup of the band. Three years later, DARK SUNS started the recordings of their debut album, Swanlike, which hit the stores in 2002. In 2005, their second album Existence was out and, yes, three years later, again (do they do that thing with the three years on purpose?), Grave Human Genuine is ready to give food to the fans of progressive dark Metal.

Fans of OPETH and mostly the ones that adored Damnation, will like this album from DARK SUNS. To tell you the truth, it's not exactly my type of music. Well, this album is full of melodies and the band experiments with other genres of music, and expanding their boundaries, in the way that OPETH did. The album has many atmospheric and ambient parts which just make it interesting to listen to, if you are in that kind of music. Another band that Grave Human Genuine will bring in mind is PAIN OF SALVATION; and this is logical, since Kristoffer Gildenlow (ex-PAIN OF SALVATION) is the session bass player. All eight songs are well-played, full of lyricism, with atmospheric and ambient parts, creating an interesting music mosaic.

An interesting album for prog/avant-garde music fans to listen to. But not 'Metal' enough for me. It will bring in mind the two bands I mentioned before, but in some way DARK SUNS manage to maintain originality. A release that the relative fans will listen to more than once.

7 / 10


"Grave Human Genuine" Track-listing:

Flies in Amber
Rapid Eyes Moment
Amphibian Halo
The Chameleon Defect
Free of You
29 (Digipak Bonus track)

Dark Suns Lineup:

Maik Knappe - Guitars
Niko Knappe - Vocals & Drums
Torsten Wenzel - Guitars

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