Hell Satan Blasphemy

Dark Storm

Yeah, yeah, yeah... It is all about this evil image, which is supposed to scare […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 24, 2007
Dark Storm - Hell Satan Blasphemy album cover

Yeah, yeah, yeah... It is all about this evil image, which is supposed to scare the shit out of me. Here are some friendly advices to all of the Black Metal bands out there (not the big ones of course, MAYHEM definitely don't need any advices from me). When you form a Black Metal band, please try to pay more attention to your music and not your image.
DARK STORM was formed in 1994 in Zatec, Czech Republic. They have, up to now, released various demos and split CD's, as well as one best of compilation and an EP. They exist for more than ten years and their normal releases are only two full-length albums - including this one - and a live CD. The only thing I managed to find out is that this album has been on hold since 2003 and it is now released.
Upon listening to this album I realized that I have to thank god, Satan, Buddha or who the fuck I have to thank that DODHEIMSGARD, WATAIN, ROTTING CHRIST and MAYHEM (sorry if I forgot anyone) released some filthy Black Metal gems and I won't have to bare this uninspired and boring Black Metal stuff. Really, are there people that like some guys who are nothing more than WATAIN wannabes? Ok, a friend of mine wanted a Porsche, but as it seems he won't get it! We can't have anything we want in life. To cut a long story short, Hell Satan Blasphemy (what a hilarious title) is full of monotonous riffs (we all decided to become the new DARKTHRONE lately, huh?), funny vocals and a production that sucks more donkey balls than the soccer team I support in Europe!
I don't want to spend any more time on this piece of crap. I am sorry but since Black Metal needs some guts to be played and these guys seem to be lacking of something like this, I have to be severe and spend my time in a more creative way.

3 / 10


"Hell Satan Blasphemy" Track-listing:

Satanic Legion
Armageddon Descent
Hymn To Hell
Summon The Infernal Lord
Warriors Of Domination

Dark Storm Lineup:

Devilish - Vocals
Vlad Blasphemer - Guitar, Bass
Butcher - Drums

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