Signs of the Time

Dark Sky

From their EPK, "Founded as a school band in Rottweil/Germany in the early 80s, DARK […]
Dark Sky - Signs of the Time album cover

From their EPK, "Founded as a school band in Rottweil/Germany in the early 80s, DARK SKY was on the international map for the first time in the 90s with their debut album which had big success in Asia, especially in Malaysia. Since we all know what happened in 2020, it is no surprise that it took so long to finish the album. During the pandemic all band members except founding member and main man Frank Breuninger left the band and ended their musical careers." The album has 13 songs.

"Heroes on Ice" is the first proper song. The production is stellar out of the gates, and the song has an infections energy as well as a heavy edge. Much of the melody comes from the big, rich chorus. "Signs of the Time" is a mid-tempo number with snarly vocals in the verses, and high harmonies in the chorus. There are even some symphonic elements in the background. I really like what I hear so far. "You & Me" features keyboards and a more tender sound. There are also some elements of Power Metal in the music, particularly in the galloping positive sounds in many of the choruses.

"Wonderland" has heavy electronic elements in the opening sequence. Combined with the riff, the keyboards act like a wall of water ready to crash over you. At times, I also hear elements of AOR and light Progressive tones. "St. Tropez" is another winner, and one thing that the band does well is construct melodies. The song also has a nice balance of tender keyboards and fierce guitar riffs. "We're Falling" has a rougher edge out of the gates. The chorus is quite catchy as well, and although some of the music is overly polished, it is still presented well, and the band performs them with confidence. "It's Not the End" is the "power ballad" on the album, if you will. The vocals are charming and expressive, and piano notes are the perfect medium for carrying the song.

"Stín Kátedra" closes the album. It begins with a funky little groove and catchy vocals. It's like a light switch was just flicked and in comes the sun pouring down to warm you. Sun in their native tongue, this song is the perfect closing piece for the album. Overall, this was an excellent listening experience. The band combined several subgenres of Hard Rock/Metal into one cohesive sound, including AOR, Power Metal, and even Prog. Frank has a really nice voice, and the band possesses a commanding level of musicianship as well. The album was catchy, and very well put together.

8 / 10









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"Signs of the Time" Track-listing:

1. Trail to Glory
2. Heroes on Ice
3. Fools
4. Signs of the Time
5. Forgiveness
6. You & Me
7. Wonderland
8. Zombies
9. St. Tropez
10. We're Falling
1. It's Not the End
12. In the Heat of the Night
13. Stín Kátedra

Dark Sky Lineup:

Frank Breuninger - Vocals
Jadro Bastalic - Guitars
Harold Merkx - Keyboards
Francesco Pisana - Bass
Steff Grimm - Drums

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