Dark Fortress

Black Metal is a kind of music that "carries" many years of history. From its […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
January 23, 2010
Dark Fortress - Ylem album cover

Black Metal is a kind of music that "carries" many years of history. From its inception, it evolved differently in each territory and that's why you hear different sounds in Norwegian, Greek or Swedish Black Metal. A strong, yet not so high esteemed scene is the German one. One of its most important ambassadors, DARK FORTRESS returns with a brand new album hoping to put Germany back in the game...

After their two amazing albums "Seance" (2006) and "Eidolon" (2008), the German blacksters return with their sixth full-length effort, which is being released through the also German Century Media Records, their home for some years now.

With a Greek word as the album's title (it means matter), the Germans hit back with a kind of concept album and a huge dose of melodic Black Metal like only they know how to deliver. The tempo varies, as always, giving you relentless blasts with guitars that will make your ears bleed, as well as mid tempo majestic melodies and killer leads from the band's guitar twins. One thing I also loved in "Ylem" is the incredible vocal work that has been done once again by the charismatic Morean. The diversity his vocals feature is a lethal weapon, since he transforms in every song with grim screams or bestial growls to fit the atmosphere.

"Ylem" is a great sample of melodic Black Metal, a fine addition to every Black Metal collection. Its haunting epic tunes and its majestic brutality are things these guys know how to handle. Album highlight? All the songs kick ass since there are no fillers here, but the title track caught my attention from the very first second, so I guess I'll go with that one.

7 / 10


"Ylem" Track-listing:
  1. Ylem
  2. As The World Keels Over
  3. Osiris
  4. Silence
  5. Evenfall
  6. Redivider
  7. Satan Bled
  8. Hirudineans
  9. Nemesis
  10. The Valley
  11. Wraith
Dark Fortress Lineup:

Morean - Vocals
V. Santura - Guitar
Asvargr - Guitar
Draug - Bass
Seraph - Drums
Paymon - Keyboards

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