North Star Blues

Dark Days Ahead

DARK DAYS AHEAD is a Groove Metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
April 24, 2014
Dark Days Ahead - North Star Blues album cover

DARK DAYS AHEAD is a Groove Metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed in 2005, and in 2012 released their debut album "The Long Road South". Their new album "North Star Blues" was released on 11th April 2014.

Fantastic opener "Once We Stand, Once We Fall" consists of great Melodic Stoner low tuned guitars. Fine sounding drums and screaming vocals, with strong sound create this track as a very powerful & interesting opening for this CD! Even is here able melodic & calmer choir. My number one on album from these Finnish Metallers is the title track "North Star Blues" with strong guitars, modern climate, melodic riffs line, screaming and amazing energy! "Last Day Of Light" is really a great song with acoustic guitar, calmer climate and clear singing by vocalist like in STONE SOUR. In "Yesterday ́s Noose" are hearable ZAKK WYLDE style guitars and choir. The track "Fail To Believe" is dominated by PANTERA's influences. In the kick-ass track "Blood, Sweat & Broken Neck" is Death Metal without compromise with similarity to SEPULTURA, yet also Melodic singing. Sounds with Doom Metal echoes are in the calmer instrumental track "Varra", which is totally different from the other tracks on this album. "Between The Walls Of Fire" is power track with pulp of sounds, growling, and melodic clear singing.

DARK DAYS AHEAD's album is in a nice position. Production is on a good level and the band play interesting music, connecting Death Metal with Groove and Melodic. Music of these guys has potential and I think their work should be appreciated by fans of such kind of Metal and they have only light & popular days ahead.


7 / 10


"North Star Blues" Track-listing:

1. Once We Stand, Once We Fall
2. North Star Blues
3. Heroes Of The World
4. Yesterday ́s Noose
5. Last Day Of Light
6. Blood, Sweat & Broken Neck
7. Fail To Believe
8. Between The Walls Of Fire
9. Varra

Dark Days Ahead Lineup:

Tony Kaikkonen - Vocals
Jarkko Petosalmi - Guitar
Jari Huttunen - Guitar
Jukka Salonen - Bass
Ville Sivonen - Drums

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