Dark Age

Taken from the press release that came with the digital promo:DARK AGE reflect the signs […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
November 7, 2009
Dark Age - Acedia album cover

Taken from the press release that came with the digital promo:DARK AGE reflect the signs of the time perfectly and play perhaps the most modern Metal that you can find here in Germany right now. Well, am I supposed to be happy now?

DARK AGE is from Hamburg, Germany. The band was formed in 1994 under the name DYER'S EVE, they changed it a year after, and Acadia is their sixth full length album. Between them, they have released also a live DVD and an EP. Well, there isn't much more to say about the quintet, so on with the album.

All of you that are playing video games, and I believe a lot of you that don't, know the game Brutal Legend. Do you remember the intro of the game? Of course you do! Everyone that has seen it remembers it. Well, if we put aside the brutal vocals, among the clean ones, DARK AGE reminds me of the band that is playing and me (you can put yourself in the same position too) of the roadie and main character in the game. Even if they have some more heavy ideas, their music is mostly new Metal. And I use this term in a bad way. I tried hard to find something to like in this album, but alas! Keys everywhere, happy happy joy joy clean vocals. I couldn't find one single riff (keep playing sustained notes and chords doesn't make it a riff) and this brutal bridge - clean chorus is starting to get on my nerves.

This album is for those that only want to say that are listening to Metal or for those ones that think new Metal is keyboards, clean choruses and a nice production. As for me, if this is the new Heavy Metal, I am a dinosaur and I'll just keep listening to the old stuff. Just for the cover and 1 or 2 nice ideas...

3 / 10


"Acedia" Track-listing:

Kingdom Nevercome
Devote Your Self To Nothing
Neon Gardens
Snake Of June
Zeitgeist (Ghost In A Machine)
10 Steps To Nausea
Halo Meridian
Underneath These Burdens
All The Unfullfilled
Babylon Riots
yself Heretic
Vampyrez (bonus track in the limited edition)

Dark Age Lineup:

Eike Freese - Vocals, Guitars
Jorn Schubert - Guitars
Alex Frank - Bass
Martin Reichert - Keys
Andre Schumann - Drums

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