Below The Belt

Danko Jones

I get angry with all these artists who want to place themselves as something cool […]
By Maria Voutiriadou
May 16, 2010
Danko Jones - Below The Belt album cover

I get angry with all these artists who want to place themselves as something cool and brand new in the music industry since the only 'new' they offer is a failed yet impressive and commercial cover-album and nothing more. Am I too hard on them or too ignorant? Really, I don't care about these fans that will hurry up to say that I am unfair, since DANKO JONES latest work causes a lot of fuss for nothing. Trying to catch up some VOLBEAT elements with some AC/DC touches, the fifth album named "Below The Belt" doesn't offer something new and original in modern Hard Rock/ Metal music scene and the repetition is pretty unbearable!

Through the 11 tracks of the album, you can find some good moments based on easy-listening digestible ideas, like "I Think Bad Thoughts" and "Tonight Is Fine" are, but nothing special you haven't already hear before; the silvery production and the daring photo shooting can't cover the music mess of Danko's company and here I stand after a couple of listenings and get bored. The wannabe-stoner parts are indifferent and bad imitations of bands like MUSTASCH or something as well as the punk references incline to demonstrate influences from THE MISFITS maybe, or even BAD RELIGION- you don't want to mentionthe 'Pretty-Fly-For-A-White-Guy' party attitude in the entire album, fact that's not bad generally speaking, but chaotic in the music maze of the supply and demand market. To get the whole picture, you can imagine a punk rocker without scalp lock, tattoos and pins but polished shoes; could be this possible?!

Now really, what could happen 'Below The Belt', huh? I mean, is this stuff a pain in the ass or ears, after all? Neither bad, nor tolerable either. Nevertheless, if I had to choose between the generous semi-dressed blonde on the right of the cover and the hungry lion on the left, I would prefer to be eaten by the lion and save my neck. With lyrics like "Regrets, I've had mine/ Lonely nights and a whole lot of wasted time", I think that "I've spend enough wasted time on this/ No more Danko for me, please!".

5 / 10


"Below The Belt" Track-listing:
  1. I Think Bad Thoughts
  2. Active Volcanoes
  3. Tonight Is Fine
  4. Magic Snake
  5. Had Enough
  6. (I Can't Handle) Moderation
  7. Full Of Regret
  8. The Sore Loser
  9. Like Dynamite
  10. Apology Accepted
  11. I Wanna Break Up With You
Danko Jones Lineup:

DankoJones - Vocals, Guitar
John Calabrese - Bass
Dan Cornelius - Drums

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