A Rock Supreme

Danko Jones

If you've been following the DANKO JONES saga at all for the past two decades, […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
June 10, 2019
Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme album cover

If you've been following the DANKO JONES saga at all for the past two decades, then it should come as no surprise that the man's new album, "A Rock Supreme" reminds everyone he is still around. Just cows moo and cocks crow, DANKO JONES exists to rock. It's his innate, guttural mode of expression. His daily ritual. His life's work. Let us check out the new album.

"I Gotta Rock" pops on and has more musical sound of the band JET. It is a groovy piece that has a dance feel. The 60's sounding tones take a bite back to the old Woodstock days. The vocals give this Jimi Hendrix feel. Clear and proud but the song is pretty killer. "I Love Love" continues the funky assault. The funky tune still shares the same vocal tones as the previous. The song isn't a bad song to listen to on the highway home after work. It is just mellow but keeps this Stoner rock vibe. "Dance Dance Dance" I chose because of the name. FALLOUT BOY had a similar title, so the curious could have killed me. The song is another testament to the legacy of DANKO JONES. The music has this classic rock vibe. Songs like this use to fill speakers at the 70's rock clubs. I could hear every Saturday night at the local skate rink. It's groovy, it's funky, it's a dance song.

"Party" meets us at the mid-point. The song has these bass chords that are pumping the song along. The guitars are a simple to add more attitude to another pretty damn song. It keeps your head bobbing to the catchy tune, while the vocals seem to throw back towards the early 80's punk. I like it what can I say. "That Girl" reminds more of a long song title, but the music is exactly that. The chugging guitars flow with the simple drum work. The vocal work goes a bit softer but how else would it appeal to the ladies. This song should be playing on anyone's first date radio. "Burn In Hell" takes us closer to the end of the album. This one is a pumper. The guitar work pumps the snare into a fury during the chorus of the song. It's just another catchy tune on an album full of them.

DANKO JONES brings some funky music into stale air. "A Rock Supreme" holds some flavor that reflects on more of the Punk era more than your normal Rock & Roll. The music gives you flashes of different times of music, but they keep their true to their nature. I was greatly surprised at the music and the lyrics float from topic to topic, but they flow so well together. With an already impressive discography, DANKO JONES can add another one to their repertoire.

8 / 10









"A Rock Supreme" Track-listing:

1. I'm In A Band
2. I Love Love
3. We're Crazy
4. Dance Dance Dance
5. Lipstick City
6. Fists Up High
7. Party
8. You Got Today
9. That Girl
10. Burn In Hell
11. You Can't Keep Us Down

Danko Jones Lineup:

Danko Jones - Vocals/Guitar
John Calabrese - Bass
Rich Knox - Drums

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