Danger Angel

Danger Angel

This is a 'warm' release, based on the pure hunger of the band's members for […]
By Grigoris Chronis
February 9, 2010
Danger Angel - Danger Angel album cover

This is a 'warm' release, based on the pure hunger of the band's members for nothing less than net explosion of their passion for Hard Rock music. You can tell this from the very first audition of DANGER ANGEL's debut full-length CD. Having inked deal with US maestro label Perris Records prior in 2009, "Danger Angel" is a lethal weapon argument against "flat average music" criticism. No, not a masterpiece or the innovative release of the decade but - hands down - a sample of songs willing to solidify your faith in good music.

For those keen on Greece's late 80s/early 90s Rock & Metal encyclopedia, let's inform DANGER ANGEL feature two erstwhile members of ancient Hard/Heavy rockers SILVER RISC while - as of now - the Athenian band features a brand new singer replacing this album's vocalist Jimmy Cage. To put you in the picture, DANGER ANGELS flirts with the hardhittin' melodic sound of Rock, paying tribute to the archetypal patterns raised on American ground but also loyal to the Scandinavian/European harmonies and outlines. The album is rich in duration, clocking to one hour sharp, but the variety in the band's songwriting shall probably omit any thought of dullness, since you can get straight rockers, emotional ballads, AOR-looking groovers and galloping shakers in a total of 12+1 tracks showcasing hard work by honest fans of music.

The production could have been a little more fat and shiny (provided there was some financial hand available, I guess) since at times some songs come out quite juvenile sounding, but the 'arena' potential in tracks like e.g. "Runaway Angel", "Poison Dreams", "Never Let You Go" (with the sensational voice of Jeff Scott Soto as a guest behind the mic) and "Hangover" is not lurking at all. Nearly all tracks roll smooth and it's essential to be stated that the chemistry in the band seems to be quite strapping; the rhythm section is pounding, the leads are really notable and the vocals expose a candid will to flush the melodies with appropriate colors, even if at times they seem to overdo it...

In a simple yet ample lyrics booklet, "Danger Angel" has the dynamics to possess both sleazy and more melodic Hard Rock fans. If your cup of tea is trapped in bands like VAN HALEN or FIREHOUSE you'll enjoy the frenzy of the riffs and licks, while more melodic/artistic-raised rockers (call it WHITE LION or TALISMAN - names do not count that much) shall not avoid humid rockers, pointing out this album's been made by fans for fans. OK, if you feel the vocals can be irksome at times I won't object (though truth is exaggeration marks a good sense of adrenaline in Rock) but the big picture is...

...DANGER ANGEL smile wide with a comfortable debut CD. Rulin' the world at once? Nope. Flirting with success? Yes. Backed by more professional tools for their follow-up, do not feel frustrated you'll be hunting the scarce debut of a winning band in the near future.

P.S.: Some moments will tear you apart; you've been warned.

7 / 10


"Danger Angel" Track-listing:
  1. Com' On Rock Me
  2. Runaway Angel
  3. Poison Dreams
  4. I'll Be There For You
  5. Rebel Son
  6. Never Let You Go
  7. Hangover
  8. Together Forever
  9. The Rain
  10. Till The End Of Time
  11. Until The Morning Light
  12. 9202
  13. Burning Hearts
Danger Angel Lineup:

Jimmy Cage - Vocals
Ethan Chionos - Guitars
Spiros Foussekis - Guitars
Antonis Venieris - Drums
Rudy Rallis - Bass
George "AHAS" Lignos - Keyboards

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