The New Horizon

Damnation Plan

From their website, "The Finnish Progressive Metal act DAMNATION PLAN can be characterized as a […]
September 7, 2023
Damnation Plan - The New Horizon album cover

From their website, "The Finnish Progressive Metal act DAMNATION PLAN can be characterized as a modern chameleon of metal: combining both harsh and clean vocals in their trademark genre crossing heavily rhythmic and emotional metal. Among personal reflection, the band's lyrics revolve around emerging modern day societies' cultural phenomena's and issues." The album has five songs.

The title track is first. A heavy, symphonic sound emerges with magnitude and presence, like a giant from a mountain cave. The vocals are clean at first, and sung with a good deal of emotion. The clean guitar interlude at the halfway mark provides a nice change of pace to the powerful sound, as they speak to the possibilities of a new horizon. "Dreamdead" is a bit more concise, but still has that powerful and commanding sound. The Progressive and Symphonic elements are still present, but are held at bay while the band pushes a more straightforward approach to the song.

"To the Sun" has another heavy and ominous sound, and the pacing is similar to the previous two tracks. The musicianship is excellent, and they don't deviate much from the main sound. "Under the Veil of the Sea" has a slightly faster pace and it also a bit thicker overall. One thing that the band knows how to do is fill background space. This seemingly simple task is often overlooked, but it helps to round out their sound. The emotional qualities are also noteworthy. "Emotional Trials" closes the album. It's a slow, crushing weight of a song, as the title suggests. Emotional trails are thing that can weigh even heavier on a person that a physical weight itself.

Overall, I really enjoyed the album. The band has a confidence that is not often heard in the genre, and a lot of that comes from their high level of musicianship. True to their website's description, they really are chameleons of Metal and their sound crosses over several sub-genres of music. Perhaps more importantly, they just make good music. It's an almost overwhelming emotional experience, and will make you feel alive as a good jolt from a lightning bolt would.

8 / 10









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"The New Horizon" Track-listing:

1. The New Horizon
2. Dreamdead
3. To the Sun
4. Under the Veil of Sea
5. Emotional Trials

Damnation Plan Lineup:

Asim Searah - Vocals
Kalle Niininen - Guitar
Antti Lauri - Lead Guitar
Jaakko Nikko - Bass
Jarkko Lunnas - Drums

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