The Infernal Tremor

Damnation Defaced

DAMNATION DEFACED is a Melodic Death Metal band from North Germany and they were formed […]
By Paulomaniaco
February 19, 2015
Damnation Defaced - The Infernal Tremor album cover

DAMNATION DEFACED is a Melodic Death Metal band from North Germany and they were formed in 2006. Already having under their belts a few EPs and a full length album called "Beyond The Pale" released in 2010, they now release their new full length album entitled "The Infernal Tremor". Actually, between 2010 and now, they did release an EP with four songs called "Slaughter Race".

To be honest I did not know this band before but I did my research and checked out their other albums, I can say that DAMNATION DEFACED did not change much their style and stuck to their guns doing what they do best, brutal music without much fuss. Having said that, I am not quite sure the term Melodic suits their style, perhaps Progressive I can swallow, but not Melodic, not really.

First track begins with an intro then the real business takes place; "The Infernal Tremor"- thick vocals, aggressive and angry, cool riffs and very catching, nice bass lines making it very heavy indeed. "The Grand Illusion"- good variation with the vocals and the guitars kicked asses, sounding at times like a Swedish band, very good speed too. "Witchcraft (Dark Messiah)- a mix of old ENTOMBED and KATAKLYSM, cool stuff with nice solos, excellent chorus. "Magma"- very heavy song with lots of variation in tempo and lots of work as well. I think with "The Infernal Tremor", DAMNATION DEFACED have managed and succeeded in mixing their ideas from previous albums and the result tells the tale; a very fine outcome for all their fans to enjoy it thoroughly. "Ivory Tower"- more fine Death Metal in here, fast drumming and very good guitars ala ENTOMBED. The other tracks follow the same path; lots of work, great solos and good vocals. I do recommend this album, the more you listen to it, the more you will like it. It sounds fresh and modern, the production is excellent, clear and crispy sounding as it should be, art cover is also very interesting, a demon ripping flesh from a poor soul, just like the music; very brutal!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"The Infernal Tremor" Track-listing:

1. First Convulsion
2. The Infernal Tremor
3. The Grand Illusion
4. Witchcraft (Dark Messiah)
5. Magma
6. Ivory Tower
7. Panacea
8. Demon Eater
9. Systems Rule Systems
10. Aeons
11. The Blackening

Damnation Defaced Lineup:

Mathias Opitz - Bass
Lucas Katzmann - Drums
Lutz Gudehus - Guitars
Philipp Bischoff - Vocals
Lutz Neemann- Guitars

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