Love in Stereo

Damn Freaks

DAMN FREAKS are from that dirty, sleazy neighborhood just off of Sunset Strip, Florence Italy.  […]
December 28, 2020
Damn Freaks - Love in Stereo album cover

DAMN FREAKS are from that dirty, sleazy neighborhood just off of Sunset Strip, Florence Italy.  OK it doesn't quite work, but they could, no make that SHOULD be playing at the Whiskey or some other Jack soaked bar or strip club with an audience of leather jacketed, poodle perms and ripped fishnets, and that's just the dudes!  This is pure feel good Rock and Roll designed to invoke simpler times, when the girls looked sexy and the blokes, well some look like the girls, but our Rock stars were cooler than cool.  And boy does this album exceed its remit.

I'm sitting here on a cold, wet December day, locked up tight thanks to the virus, listening to this selection of feel good Rock songs, making me smile and think of better days.

One of those better days should have been seeing "Jack" Meille singing with his other band, NWOBHM stalwarts TYGERS OF PAN TANG, at one of the best summer shindigs in the UK STONEDEAD festival, which unfortunately was postponed until 2021 with the TYGERS still on the bill.  And it is fair to say DAMN FREAKS would fit excellently at this or many other Festivals, and lets hope there is occasion to see them at one on Twenty One.

So what do we have on offer here, well although Jack's whiskey and honey soaked pipes are definitely the star, the band is clearly the match, a pounding backbeat and soaring feel-good axe work match the vocals pound for pound.

Stand out track for me, which I've decided is now my theme song "Lifes To Short To Feel Old" is definitely the Rock and Roll anthem of 2020! Or 1980 something for that matter.  Dude! This song speaks to my party lovein', still in my teens in my head, soul!

But then so does "Game Over", with it's funny, cheesy spoken intro, to which the answer is NEVER! We are ain't growing up! Up beat rousing choruses and soaring guitars, the sound of summers from my youth and now!

From opener "Love Under Fire" through to closing pair of "Kiss My Ass" and "Strength To Touch" the quality doesn't drop, ever for the token "ballad" "Cry For Love", which is proper cheesy, in the best way

If you like your music of a certain vintage, when KISS too the makeup off, MOTLEY CRUE put it on and bands like WHITE LION, CINDERELLA, DOKKEN, KEEL etc. ruled the radio airwaves, well then you too are DAMN FREAKS, like me!

10 / 10









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"Love in Stereo" Track-listing:

1. Love under Fire
2. I'm Not Your Enemy
3. Bullets For U
4. Requiem
5. scream And Shout
6. Life Too Short To Feel Old
7. Game Over
8. Cry For Love
9. Austin Texas
10. Kiss My Ass
11. Stanger To Touch

Damn Freaks Lineup:

Matteo Panichi - Drums
Marco Torri - Guitars
Iacopo "Jack" Meille - Vocals
Claudio Rogai - Bass

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