Electric Tentacles

Damian Murdoch Trio

After the release of YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN's "Rising Force", back in 1984, a new trend […]
By Marcos "Big Daddy" Gracia
May 12, 2015
Damian Murdoch Trio - Electric Tentacles album cover

After the release of YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN's "Rising Force", back in 1984, a new trend started on Metal/Rock: the release of a great number of instrumental albums. And of course, as it happens in all trends, some are very good, some are terrible. Being extremely honest with the readers, to express something in musical sense without a vocalist is very hard, and some guitarists prefer to show their technique than to show good songs. Even Yngwie knew that and used vocalists, but the way was opened for many to trail. And here, 31 years after that time, countless instrumental albums were released since then, some of them being a cure for insomnia. But this is not the case of of DAMIAN MURDOCH TRIO, an instrumental band from Austria that is coming with the album "Electric Tentacles".

In this album, the band uses a great range of musical influences, but focusing their energies on Rock. Here, many sounds and touches will remind Fusion, Jazz-Rock, Blues and others, but the main musical theme is a eclectic way of making a dense and heavy Rock'n'Roll. And of course the attentions are focused on guitars, but don't be desperate: the other musical instruments are in a great form as well, and the songs are not that parade of self indulgence for a guitar hero immeasurable ego. No, here the most important thing are the songs, the technique comes after.

The sound quality is on a good shape. Of course it could be a little better, but is not bad. The instruments are clear, with good tunes and in due places, of course, but the quality is sometimes "hollow". But as "Big Daddy" said above, it's clear and in a good shape.

The album has some pretty fine songs, being the best moments "The Opener" (fine arrangements on a Rock'n'Roll song, full of tempo variations), "Funky Desert Rider" (another with good musical arrangements, having a funky touché due the bass guitar slap technique), the modern and heavy "The Eternal Search For The Alpha Jellyfish", and the charming and heavy "Jump Rope With Electric Wires" (very good song, with great very good guitar solos).

A fine album, indeed.

8 / 10


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"Electric Tentacles" Track-listing:

1. The Opener
2. Funky Desert Rider
3. The Final Absturz
4. Visceral Circles Of The Cosmos
5. The Eternal Search For The Alpha Jellyfish
6. Lean Kathleen's Killing Machine
7. The Dragon Slayed The Princess
8. Sleazeball
9. Jump Rope with Electric Wires

Damian Murdoch Trio Lineup:

Damian Murdoch - Guitars
Harry Stöckl - Bass
Michael Posch - Drums

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